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Are sensor kitchen faucets worth it?

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Maybe you are helpless about your kitchen sink faucets covered with oil pollution. Maybe your kitchen faucet has started to have quality problems. If the traditional kitchen faucet makes you dissatisfied, you can consider the sensor kitchen faucet. The biggest advantage of this faucet is its convenience and cleanliness, because it does not have too much contact with your hands when you use it. Maybe you have doubts about this new touchless kitchen faucet, so you can try to know more about it.



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Why choose sensor kitchen faucet?


The first reason is that this kind of faucet is very convenient. When we cook in the kitchen at noon, we often hold pots or shovels in our hands, which causes some obstacles for us to use the kitchen faucet with sprayer. If we use the sensor kitchen faucet, we need not worry about the above problems at all. The second reason is cleanliness and safety. When using the traditional faucet, we often touch the faucet with hands stained with grease or dirt. This provides conditions for the development of bacteria. In the kitchen, what we need more is safe and healthy food. The motion sensor kitchen faucet keeps our hands from touching other bacteria during cooking, which ensures the safety of food and the cleanliness of the faucet. The third reason is that we don't need to worry about water leakage. In some hectic times, we often turn on the faucet and forget to turn it off, which leads to a waste of water resources. The sensor kitchen faucet will only run when it senses the human body, which avoids a lot of troubles. The last reason is that people are increasingly pursuing simple and modern kitchen decoration style because of the design of this faucet, and the hands free kitchen faucet can well meet people's expectations for modern kitchens.



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Main features:


1. Intelligent water saving: automatic induction control on and off, extending hands or water containers and washing articles into the induction range, the touchless water faucet will automatically discharge water, and stop discharging water after leaving.


2. Time-out protection: automatic water shut-off function for washing after 30 seconds, so as to avoid waste of water resources caused by foreign bodies in the sensing range for a long time.


3. Convenience and hygiene: the water switch is completely completed automatically by the sensor, and the hands do not need to touch the automatic kitchen faucet.


4. Intelligent power saving: modern digital technology is adopted with ultra-low energy consumption.


5. Strong adaptability: the induction sensitivity can be adjusted according to different use environments.


6. Easy maintenance: built-in filter to prevent impurities from flowing into solenoid valve and affecting normal operation.


7. Easy to install: many touchless kitchen sink faucets have unique installation designs, such as nuts that can easily let hoses and cables in, and battery systems and solenoid valves are placed in a small waterproof case and can be easily fixed.


Very practical: many people consider practicality when buying things, because we don't want to buy touch free kitchen faucet and it will break down after using it for a short time. The sensor kitchen faucet has a simple faucet body and a hot and cold water lever. The interior of this faucet is made of lead-free brass, and the handle is also made of high-quality ceramic barrels. These high qualities can show that the touch sensor kitchen faucet has strong practicability.

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