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Can I remodel a bathroom myself?

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The bathroom decoration design can't be ignored in home decoration. The bathroom is the space that needs privacy most at home. The good or bad bathroom decor sets directly affect our daily life. A good bathroom design requires not only reasonable layout, but also the detailed design inside. The following two ways can make your bathroom look brand-new, so try it!



9-1-toilet roll holder

Space defect: the color is too monotonous and cold


Method 1: Color breaks the ice


The simplest way is to paint the walls full of brown, and paint the furniture white, forming a sharp contrast. Brown walls are perfectly matched with green towels, fern-themed prints, bright toilet roll holders and some shells. In order to balance the main tone of brown and white, you can also use light green towels, small mats and other accessories to match.


Method 2: Make detailed design


The sink is the focus of the bathroom, so it is suggested to add some design details to it. For example, replace the original standard wall mount faucet with a faucet with a ceramic handle, brush the bathroom cabinet handle with chromium-containing metallic paint to echo the shower, and replace the black bathroom accessories with a retro type. The lamps can choose a modern one with a frosted lampshade, so that the details can be improved.


Method 3: Customize the bathroom furniture


In order to save costs, you can also order some storage bathroom mirror cabinets. A pair of storage cabinets customized on the sink, with the same structure at the upper and lower parts, are convenient to place. If you take the dressing mirror off the sink, it will damage the wall. It is better to decorate the mirror with the frame scoured from the market. In addition, you can also paint the bathroom towel racks with a copper-green color to create a retro effect, or decorate the bathtub and corner shower caddy with other collected mirrors.



9-3-toilet roll holder

Space defects: the space area is relatively narrow, and the bathing area is extremely crowded


Method 1: Expand the space area


The original bathing area was very crowded, and it was impossible to place a large shower. It is suggested that you build a partition wall with white tiles, and measure the shower size before building the wall. In addition, you can use a shower curtain to separate wet and dry areas, and the grass-green dynamic stripe pattern coincides with the overall color of the corner shower shelf.


Method 2: Renovating old furniture


Before installing new sanitary ware, lamps and wall mounted towel racks, clean water wall treatment can be done first, which is also helpful for wall tiling. Choosing plain white tiles and hexagonal floor tiles can line up the classic style of shower.


The colors of furniture on the outside of bathroom door and in the corridor are coordinated, so that the colors of the inner side doors of the bathroom can match the gold bathroom accessories in the bathroom. When renovating the wall cabinet, you can remove the cabinet door and replace it with a ribbed glass door, and at the same time remove the upper door to expose the cross shelf for placing towels.


Method 3: Replace quality sanitary ware


In terms of sanitary ware, the style of the basin should cater to the overall style as much as possible, the pure white retro style can be combined with the shower skillfully, and the old toilet can be replaced with a new toilet with sheep toilet roll holder and strong flushing power to save water resources.

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