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Concealed Shower Valves vs Exposed Shower Valves

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When you choose a household shower valve, you may not know how to choose, given the different types of shower valves. But first you have to do a survey so that you can better make an informed decision to choose the shower valve that best suits your bathroom and your budget.


59-diverter concealed

Hidden shower valve

The hidden shower valve is a built-in valve hidden behind the shower cover tile. The only visible part is the chrome control panel and handle; the rest is neatly hidden inside the wall. The advantage of this type of concealed wall mixer shower valve is that it effectively conceals any ugly pipes and fittings, making the shower room more beautiful.


Another advantage of concealed power shower unit is the flexibility of the design options it provides, for example, you can choose different shapes of wall panels and a variety of different handles.


Before buying a brushed brass concealed shower valve, the most important thing is to consider the groove behind the shower room tile. Because single lever concealed shower valves usually require a groove depth of about 100mm. If you don’t have available space, you can build a thin column wall at one end of the bathroom. Once the tile is attached, it blends seamlessly with the rest of the room, providing the perfect place to hide valves and pipes. In addition, you can also choose an exposed valve instead, which is more convenient and simple.


The concealed shower controls handle itself is easy to disassemble to uncover the ink cartridge at the back. If necessary, you can disassemble it for cleaning or replacement.



Exposed shower valve

Unlike a concealed shower kits valve, the exposed shower valve is usually a horizontal rod located outside the wall with all its working parts inside. It does not look so beautiful after passing through, but its price is cheaper than the hidden shower valve, and the installation cost is also cheaper.


If you have a solid brick wall that cannot accommodate a concealed shower valve, then an exposed shower valve is a good choice for you. They are easier to install and use, and easier to adapt. This will slightly reduce your installation costs.

59-concealed ceiling shower

Manual shower valve

The manual shower valve is cheap and easy to use. They are usually suitable for low and high pressures, but you need check the pressure level carefully, as some of them have diverters. But the main disadvantage of manually controlling the shower valve is that there is no "thermostat" control. For example, if you are taking a shower and someone turns on a toilet tap in another place, your water temperature will be unstable, and the water temperature may become very hot or very cold instantly.



Thermostatic shower

The thermostatic shower valve can control your shower water temperature. When you take a bath, there will be no noticeable temperature changes. If the cold and heat input flow decreases suddenly, the thermostatic valve will compensate and maintain a constant temperature. If hot or cold water fails, the thermostatic valve will close to prevent burns.


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