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Do you know how to upgrade your bathroom?

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The bathroom is small, but we can use some tips and products to match it to make the bathroom look more comfortable and warm. The seemingly insignificant small decorative elements can also completely change the appearance of the interior. Sometimes you only need to buy a new bathroom sink faucet, color changing shower head or shower curtain in the bathroom to make the room look new.


68-1-bathroom sink faucet

1. Update the wall decoration to hide the pipe

Generally speaking, the bathroom can only fit the wash basin and shower space. If there are obvious pipes, it will be particularly conspicuous. Therefore, we need to buy waterproof wallpaper to decorate the bathroom. You can even use tiles and bright floral wallpaper. "Such a plot creates a special mood and adds comfort and warmth to the space," the designer believes.


2. Hang some mirrors

If your bathroom is very small, there is a way to make your bathroom look more spacious. The method is to use a large mirror or a few small mirrors as decorations inside your bathroom. This allows you to visually increase the area of the room and create an unusually bright and dark corner due to glare. And you dont need to hang the same mirror and strictly follow the symmetry rules, dont be afraid to experiment with colors, shapes and positions. If you think the mirror will look uncoordinated, you can use brighter towels, concealed thermostatic shower, bathroom soap dispenser, hand towel holder and towel warmer rack, a plant or two, you can make the bathroom look more cozy.


3. Replace tiles with parquet floors

Some groundbreaking technologies can make your bathroom look more up-to-date. Parquet is obviously not the most suitable choice for bathroom decoration. Many people see the main drawbacks. Under high humidity, solid wood may expand. However, modern parquet flooring uses a special protective impregnation treatment to provide water resistance and temperature jump resistance. If you can still use porcelain or other materials in the wettest places, wood will look harmonious.

68-2-bathroom sink faucet

4. Choosing new textiles

You can imagine that your bathroom has fluffy velvet pajamas, bright and soft towels, toilet roll holder freestanding, brass towel rail,bathroom door hooks and black concealed shower mixer, and those items that help create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, making the bathroom the most popular place in the apartment. Textiles can and should be used as decoration, just make sure it fits the interior decoration style.

5. Add green

The easiest way to sublimate the interior of the bathroom is to arrange or hang small flowers in flower pots. All dracaenas, orchids, monstera and ivy can perfectly green this space. According to the florist, it can also be used as a natural air purifier. If you don't want to go out to buy plants anymore, you can tidy up the plants you bought before, and throw away the body products, shampoo and other toiletries that you had hoarded. It can even be donated to any accepted charity. In this way, your bathroom will look more spacious and beautiful.

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