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Do you know the benefits of concealed shower valve?

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Many people may think that the installation of the concealed electric shower valve is very complicated, because unlike the traditional shower valve, the concealed shower valve needs to be installed in the wall. This is also the reason why many people hesitate to choose the hidden shower. The bathroom accessories sets are all in the wall. If there is something wrong with the shower, it is not easy to maintain and maintain it, and the integral shower needs a lot of worry. Moreover, the installation procedure of best concealed showers is much more complicated, and the corresponding cost is naturally higher. There are always more solutions than difficulties. Are there any reasonable solutions to these problems?



5-3-milan concealed shower

The problem of concealed shower.


People like the appearance and sense of use in the concealed field, but this kind of concealed thermostatic shower has some problems in installation. In order to completely hide the shower valve, it is required to install the valve at a proper depth. If the depth of the valve is too deep, the valve will be far away from the adjusting handle, which is inconvenient for the use of the shower. If the depth of the valve is shallow, the decorative plate on the surface will protrude, affecting the beauty of the milan concealed shower. In addition to the above two problems, if the valve is connected to the pipeline, there is no way to adjust the water temperature in this case, so the installation of the concealed shower is very technical. In addition to the installation problems, the concealed shower needs subsequent maintenance, because the shower valve is installed inside the wall, which makes the maintenance of the black concealed shower more difficult.



5-2-milan concealed shower

Methods to solve the above problems.


At present, many concealed showers use hoses, so that the valves can be moved flexibly after the pipes and water supply systems of the concealed thermostatic mixer showers are installed. Because the hoses have good stretchability, there is no need to calculate the installation depth of the valves accurately, and many suggestions are put forward for gypsum boards and tiles which are easy to cut, so that people can choose tiles which are convenient for subsequent maintenance reasonably. During subsequent maintenance, even if the valve of the gold concealed shower is installed behind the ceramic tile, the easy-to-disassemble ceramic tile is selected, which provides great convenience for the maintenance work. When the valve is maintained, the concealed rain shower valve can be easily pulled out from the back of the column wall because of the use of the hose, saving a lot of time and energy.



How to install a concealed shower?


First of all, the pipe manifold should be installed in the center of the column wall. In order to facilitate the control of hot and cold water, the hot and cold water pipes should be connected to the manifold, then the hose should be connected to the brass concealed shower’s isolation valve, and the guide rail of the tile should be connected to the front of the manifold. Then, the end of the hose should be connected to the installation frame. Finally, the cover plate should be covered and the installation is completed.

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