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Do you learn about sensor faucet?

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In the kitchen, kitchen sink and faucet are two kinds of equipment that every kitchen will have. With the development of technology, sensor kitchen faucets became popular. So do you really understand the automatic sensor tap? Next, let us learn and understand together.


The automatic sink faucet uses a technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. When your hand is placed within the sensing range, water will start to flow out, and then when you take your hand away, the water will stop. The touchless water faucet is a very convenient faucet, and at the same time it can maintain the surrounding hygiene.


55-automatic kitchen faucet

Part of the kitchen faucet

The automatic kitchen faucet is mainly composed of four parts, including spout, sensor window, solenoid valve and power supply.


1. Sensor. The sensor of the touch sensor kitchen faucet is usually placed under the faucet mouth. The sensor can be used to detect whether there is a hand under the faucet. When the sensor detects that there is a hand under the faucet, the water will flow out. When you remove your hand, the sensor will not detect it and will turn off the faucet again.


2. Valve. The solenoid valve is usually controlled by a faucet sensor. Water flow is controlled by a rubber-like disc inside the diaphragm valve. Under normal circumstances, the valve will remain closed until it receives a signal from the sensor, indicating that there is a hand. When this happens, the solenoid valve opens the valve to let the water flow. Then, when the sensor detects that the hand is no longer present and sends a signal, the solenoid valve closes the valve.


55-touch free faucet

3. Power. Every non-contact or automatic faucet needs a power source to work, although the power source can vary. Although there are some types of touch free kitchen faucet that obtain power from dry batteries, most touchless water faucet on the market still use low-voltage current from an AC transformer.


4. Spout. The spout of the automatic faucet contains all the working parts. There are spouts of different materials on the market. Cheaper models are usually made of zinc, while high-end faucets can be made of brass or copper. In terms of durability and appearance, nickel-plated or chrome-plated nozzles are very popular.


In addition to the completely touch free faucet, you can also choose a simple touch faucet. There are sensors on the tap and handle of the touch faucet, and you can activate the water flow by touching it. The cost of the touch faucet is higher than that of the general faucet due to the high production technology requirements. The material of the faucet you buy and the type you choose will determine the price. Regarding installation, this is not a big problem, because most faucets have a complete installation kit.


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