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Do you only know the traditional kitchen faucet?

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When decorating the kitchen, we first think of the design and layout, followed by the selection and promotion of countertops, sinks and gas stoves. In fact, the functionality, ease of use and design of best kitchen faucets are also one of the kitchen items that people care about. The operation methods of kitchen faucets include double handle (double valve) mixing faucet and single rod mixing faucet. In addition, besides the previous handle steering wheel, the water outlet/water stop method can also be operated by buttons, and there are matte black kitchen faucets which are automatically turned on and off by sensors. Different types of faucets have different usage methods and characteristics.



17-3-matte black kitchen faucet

Types and characteristics of kitchen faucets:


Single-handle mixing faucet


Cold and hot water discharge is operated by the same handle as the water stop switch, which can adjust the hot water quantity and temperature on the left and right sides of the operation type. It is widely used in kitchens because it can be operated with one hand and is easy to use. There are many prices and varied designs, and most kitchens also adopt the standard copper kitchen faucet with single handle.


Double-handle mixing faucet


The water quantity and temperature can be adjusted by the two handles of hot and cold water supply. It can also be seen in imported products such as brushed nickel kitchen faucets designed individually.


17-1-matte black kitchen faucet

Mix faucet with hand-held shower


The faucet which can draw out the hose from the front and hold the shower head is widely used at present. The water flow of the hand-held modern kitchen faucets can reach any corner during cleaning, which is convenient for use.


Special faucet for water purification/integrated faucet


In addition to hot and cold faucets, some families will also be equipped with water purifier faucets and special brushed gold kitchen faucets for water purifiers. This kind of faucet needs to install a filter element (water purification filter) under the counter. In addition, there is a mixing faucet device with integrated water purification function.


Automatic faucet touchless faucet


The touchless kitchen water faucet can stop draining without touching the faucet body. There is a sensor under the nozzle to detect the approach of hands and dishes, so as to control the discharge of water. When leaving, the flow motion faucet automatically stops. There is another type, just put your hand on the sensor at the top of the faucet to sense the water, and stop the water when you repeat the action.


In both cases, the precision of touchless faucet sensors has been improved, and the number of easy-to-use products is gradually entering more families. Because there is no need to operate through the handle, the water flow can be controlled even if both hands are occupied, and it is also very good to avoid the contamination of the faucet with oil or foam on hands during cooking and cleaning, which is a very popular sanitary faucet.


Tap switch type faucet


In the cooking process, the handle will be dirty by hand. This kind of touch can be done only by palm, fingers and back of hand. Because high end kitchen faucets can always stop water with one key, it is excellent in water saving.

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