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Does the Touch Faucet Use Electricity?

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When you decorate your home, you will truly feel the important impact of technology on your life. Intelligence is embodied in all aspects of life, ranging from household appliances to plug-in switches. Now, even the small faucets that we use every day in our lives, which we think are insignificant, have become extremely convenient because of the new technology. Different from traditional kitchen faucets including rotating kitchen tap and swivel spout kitchen tap, touch control kitchen faucet, touchless kitchen tap and motion activated kitchen faucet all contain certain technologies. In this article, we mainly discuss whether the touch faucet uses electricity.


After all, kitchen water tap is a long-term and high-frequency use product. If you choose inferior products, there will be a lot of trivial things, such as replacement or repair.


The touch-sensitive function of kitchen faucets relies on electricity. Under normal circumstances, this type of kitchen faucet mostly uses a set of 1.5 V batteries to rely on DC power. The touch faucet is powered by 4 AA batteries. Under standard usage, ordinary batteries can last for up to two years.


32-1-swivel spout kitchen tap

The motion sensor of touch sensor kitchen tap brings you intelligence and a sense of modern technology. In addition, it can super clean the kitchen and other areas. So how does the touch-sensitive faucet work? The touch faucet has a solenoid valve that works with the sensor.


Different from the traditional faucet, the smart touch switch faucet only needs to touch the contact of the faucet with the back of the hand, and the water flow will come out automatically, which is very convenient and fast. The sensitive touch device starts or stops as soon as it is touched, and there is no response delay. It saves more water than traditional faucets. It adopts high-tech technology which is hydraulic principle. When cooking, it is often inconvenient to turn on the faucet, such as full hand oil. This smart touch faucet can be said to be completely free of hands! In addition to the hydraulic principle technology, another bright spot is the air injection technology.


This technology has changed the traditional way of discharging water. It is not a jet of water splashing, but the air and water are fully mixed to produce soft and delicate bubble water, making the water flow look larger. Compared with the traditional faucet, this faucet can turn the effluent into bubbling water, which saves more water.


32-2-kitchen water tap

The difference between the single cold faucet of the wash basin and the kitchen faucet is the single pipe of cold water. The box size is slightly different. The faucet with integrated valve core faucet has no handle switch because there is no hot and cold water temperature adjustment.


For various reasons, the faucet may stop working. For smart touch kitchen faucet, when it stops working, we first need to check the battery compartment. If the battery needs to be replaced, then you need to find the reset button on or near the battery compartment.


You need to use the included L-shaped hexagonal wrench to insert the small hole in the center of the filter to adjust the delay time, and select the delay time from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. When inserting and adjusting, turn it clockwise to reduce the water flow time, and turn it counterclockwise to increase the water flow time.


This design fits the use scene of the washbasin. Through the delay switch, the water flow is automatically closed within a fixed time without touching it again.

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