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How Fit the Bathtub with Bathrooms?

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Have you ever tried to use a bathtub to relieve your fatigue of the day? After a day’s work, what a blessing to be able to take a comfortable bath in the bathtub, not only can relieve your fatigue, but also your stress and irritability. There are many types of bathtubs. What kind of bathtub is right for you? Let's take a look with the editor below.



64.How Fit the Bathtub with Bathrooms

1. Round bathtub

The size and shape of the round bathtub make it look like a swimming pool. The round bathtub is especially suitable for large-sized bathrooms or villas. The area of the round bathtub is relatively large, so it takes up a lot of space. But taking a bath in such a bathtub will give you an extraordinary enjoyment.


2. Square bathtub

The square bathtub is a classic bathtub. This bathtub shape is especially suitable for long and narrow bathrooms because you can place them on the wall according to different bathroom layouts. The internal shape of the square bathtub can be changed, usually oval, and the width is usually between 80 and 100 cm. Of course, you can also customize it according to your comfort and preferences.


3. Corner bathtub

This bathtub design can make perfect use of space, so it is especially suitable for small bathrooms. The corner bathtub can make use of the corner space of the isosceles triangle in the bathroom. The triangle can accommodate a round or oval bathtub, but there may be an angle problem, which should be measured clearly when designing. Most people think that the corner is the safest place, so such a bathtub design can give you enough sense of security, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the good time of bathing.


4. Embedded oval bathtub

The embedded oval bathtub is the real solution for small bathrooms. This bathtub is relatively small. It uses a split design, with the left side as a bathtub and the right side as a sink. The advantage of a small bathtub is that it can save water resources. For children, a bathtub of this size is sufficient. Even adults can take a bath in the small bathtub comfortably, but it depends on the size of the body.



64.How Fit the Bathtub with Bathrooms(1)

5. Freestanding bathtub

The biggest disadvantage of a free-standing bathtub is that it requires a lot of space, so not all bathrooms are suitable for use. Generally speaking, the bathroom area must be at least 12 square meters to be suitable for a free-standing bathtub. In addition to its unique appearance, the free-standing bathtub also has practical value. For example, if your dog needs to be cleaned, then the free-standing bathtub is the most ideal choice.



JANEDO introduces the relevant content of the bathtub here. It can be seen that there are many types of bathtubs on the market, and you should choose according to your bathroom area and layout. Do you know how to choose bathtubs of different materials such as acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, wooden bathtub, and ceramic bathtub?

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