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How Long Can the Kitchen Faucet Be Used?

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From old-fashioned cast iron to electroplating knob type to stainless steel dual-temperature dual-control, the update speed of kitchen water faucet is accelerating. Most people will consider the purchase of faucets in terms of materials, functions, and modeling lights. Many people will also consider its water-saving and durable performance. The service life of faucets of different materials is also different. It is understood that the faucets of different materials on the market mainly include brass kitchen tap, bronze kitchen faucet, stainless steel kitchen faucet and chrome kitchen faucet.


When it comes to faucet-related pipe wear issues, you should pay special attention to this issue. If the faucet is damaged, you should contact customer service or dealer in time. Generally speaking, there are several signs that the faucet has been damaged, such as kitchen faucet leaking at base, dripping faucet, squeaky faucet.


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Signs of a Damaged Faucet


Dripping. The obvious sign of a leak in a pipe is the constant dripping of water from the faucet, which is one of the very common problems. The persistent dripping is mostly due to high water pressure or valve damage.


Spitting. A normal faucet will have a consistent flow of water when it comes out. Once the water flow is found to be irregular, some damage may have been caused. This phenomenon is mostly due to some kind of internal damage to the faucet.


A squeaking faucet. When the handle of the faucet squeaks, there may be damage that requires urgent repair. The emergency treatment is to apply a little grease on the handle. If this doesn't work, you'd better call a plumber. Do not use too much force on the rotating kitchen tap, just turn it gently. Even the traditional faucet does not need to be screwed down with great effort, especially do not use the handle as a handrail to support or use.


As for touchless kitchen faucet, the following signs indicate that we need to pay attention, such as no water output, uneven water output, etc.


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Time to Repair


The durable faucet can be used for 10-20 years. Repair is usually determined by damage and cost. Water quality also affects the life of the faucet, which will also warn you when you need to repair or replace the faucet. In general, the cost of a simple repair is much lower than the cost of a complete replacement. If you are not sure whether you only need repairs, please consider the following points.


The type of faucet. Different types of faucets have different internal structures and adapted parts. The faucet has several different parts that are easily damaged. The material of kitchen faucet is generally brass, which is the most common pure copper kitchen faucet on the market. However, due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily the best choice. All pure copper faucets are electroplated on the outermost layer. The function of electroplating is to prevent corrosion and rust of the brass inside. There is a lot of oily smoke in the kitchen, and the greasy hands and cleaners on the hands when washing the dishes make it often necessary to clean the faucet. If you do not use the correct way to clean, it is likely to damage the electroplating layer of the faucet, causing the faucet to be corroded and rusted. If you want to choose an all-copper kitchen faucet, you must be sure to have excellent electroplating, otherwise it will easily cause the faucet to rust and corrode.


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When repairing high quality faucets, only the damaged faucet needs to be replaced. Most of the faucets with drip system only need to be repaired rather than replaced. Most leaking faucets can be repaired by simply removing the handle and tightening the adjusting ring. It can also be solved by replacing the O-ring on the filter element. Any internal parts that are excessively worn should be replaced.


The squeaky faucet requires only simple maintenance. Just remove the appropriate parts and grease them.


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