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How does hard water affect your life?

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In fact, in daily life, you will find that few people pay too much attention to whether the water they use is hard or soft. But when you use the same shampoo many times, the hair quality will become different, or your sensor water tap, rainfall shower head are not as shiny as before, you may have a question, why is this? Generally speaking, it is because the soft and hard water you use is working.


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Soft water refers to water that does not contain or contains less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. In natural water, rain and snow are soft water. Distilled water is common. Hard water refers to water containing more soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. Soft water is not easy to produce soap scum with soap, while hard water is the opposite. Hard water does not cause direct health hazards, but it will bring a lot of trouble to life, such as scale formation on water appliances, and reduced washing efficiency of soaps and detergents. How to distinguish soft water from hard water? You can test, if the water contains a certain amount of these minerals, the water is considered hard water, usually in milligrams per liter. The hardness of water is generally divided into three types: the slightly harder water is between 17 and 60 mg, the medium hardness is between 61-120 ml, and the very hard water is above 121 mg. In contrast, the dissolved mineral content in soft water is less than 17 milligrams per liter. Therefore, soft water is more suitable for daily use, while hard water can also be converted into soft water through chemical action.


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1. The effect of hard water on hair

Hard water can cause dry hair from bathroom towel storage, which can easily cause residues to accumulate in the hair, making it look dull, and even cause dry scalp and itching. Another effect of hard water on hair is that this water is irritating to hair. People who dye their hair or perm, or heat their hair from towel warmer rack will find that the effect of the treatment is quickly washed off. The result is more frequent care of the hair, and further drying and damage to the hair. Some people find that hard water can make their hair look thinner or break easily. Coupled with frequent hair care, it usually leads to dandruff and itching.


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2. The effect of hard water on the shower

The scale that we often see in our daily life is formed by long-term use of hard water, such as white spots on the shower door, scaling around the sink, affecting the appearance, and clogging of the power shower head, sensor basin tap, automatic water tap sensor and waterfall shower head. But you should also be aware that the accumulation of such residues can cause plumbing problems and even make the shower room difficult to clean. The best way to prevent these problems is to clean the single handle bathroom faucet regularly. If the beauty of your shower is damaged by hard water, it may be time to replace the entire double shower heads or part of it.

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