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How is the Trend of Bathroom Design in 2021?

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You hear me right, the trend of 2021 is finally coming! The articles we're going to publish in the next few months are our trends in bathroom design in 2021. Get exclusive news of the latest styles in the industry and find inspiration for your next bathroom renovation!


From signature tubs and shower complete system to washroom taps and dresser, we serve you. The latest textures, patterns, prints, finishes and various styles are here to welcome the coming year. This episode contains the most popular designs that can give you the right type of inspiration that you don't even know you need. Whether you're building a new house or planning a renovation, this list is sure to inspire your creativity. From fashion, modern to industrial and retro, whatever your personal style, 2021 is the year of your bathroom transformation.


84. Bathroom Design


Grey may have been one of the most popular bathroom renovations of the last few years, but it's all about to change. This season we're going to move to bolder, darker styles. Grey is good, but black is better! In our article "bathroom trends," we said that dark tones are beginning to catch on and will continue to do so. Guess what? Their time is up! Yes, dark tones, especially black, are becoming more and more popular. We've seen so many grey bathrooms in the past year, and we expect black bathrooms to increase next year. The most popular combination of this color is the waterfall sink faucet, bathroom vanity cabinet, mirror and other fixtures with a sense of design - especially a frosted finish! As some homeowners may be hesitant to add these darker shades to their homes, gray may still be the first choice for those who want to get rid of classic white or neutral colors, as they are not fully prepared for the bold black series.



Last year we talked about intelligent toilets, but this year the whole bathroom has been upgraded with high technology. In the previous article, we discussed the increasing popularity of high-tech toilets, which is a trend led by Japan. There are many things in the toilet, such as seat heater, automatic lid opener, adjustable air dryer, built-in deodorizer and so on.


By 2021, the bathroom will have a smart shower, mini refrigerator and automatic sink. We recently renovated a house to allow homeowners to set the shower on automatically. This means that when he comes home from work, his shower is already hot! Another more common trend is the built-in Bluetooth speaker system. Now you can easily relax in the sound of the shower. The bathroom has voice activated lighting and temperature features, and a smart mirror can talk to you. Modern bathrooms are being transformed into personalized day spas, and these technologies make your experience easier and more convenient than ever.



84.bathroom decoration


The color of gold is back, more beautiful than ever! Add a touch of gold to your bathroom, because the bathroom will be a perfect choice for your parents.Homeowners like to use brass or gold tone bathroom equipment to match the warmth, while the traditional shiny chrome plating conveys a cooler, more modern, more fashionable feeling. They also have the added benefit of hiding fingerprints and water stains.


This warm tone has become a feature of a room, as are the matching hardware, lamps and mirrors.Look around and you'll find more golden objects than you think. The reason it came back is that it looks great in a lot of different style settings.

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