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How many types of faucets do you know?

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Vessel faucets is a necessary tool for our kitchen and toilet. With it, we can use water very conveniently. Moreover, there are many kinds of faucets on the market. What kind of water mixer tap do you choose? Here is a brief introduction to the types of faucets. You must be clear about these basic knowledge!



What Are The Types Of Faucets?

What are the types of faucets?

(1) In terms of function:


 Multifunctional Bathtub Faucet: used in bathtub faucet, it has a total of two outlets, one adjacent to bathtub shower, for bath use. A utility faucet next to the shower for the shower.


 Multi functional Basin Faucet: this kind of faucet is used above all kinds of basins in the toilet. The outlet water is short and low. It is mainly used for washing and cleaning.


 Multifunctional kitchen faucet: this kind of faucet is suitable for the special product of kitchen cleaning. It is usually connected by two pipes, which can pass cold and hot water. It has a higher water outlet, a longer front end of the tap, and some even have a hose, which can be twisted from multiple angles for washing bowls, vegetables, meat and other items.


(2) From the layout point of view


 Single handle: this type of faucet product is more common, usually with a single handle. It is characterized by flexible switch, long service life and convenient temperature regulation.


 Double handle type: as literally understood, it is divided into two switch handles, which regulate water quantity and water temperature through regulating both switches. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to use, and the advantage is that it can be adjusted manually according to the demand of water quantity and temperature.


 Faucet with 90 degree opening: Based on the traditional double handle, the ceramic chip is used for sealing, and the faucet can be opened and closed by twisting the handle for 90 degrees.


 Traditional spiral steady rising Faucet: this kind of faucet switch is spiral, with large water output and low price.


 Stainless steel hollow ball sealing and stem type sealing Faucet: it is usually imported faucet, some even full temperature control, the price is more expensive.


97.types of faucets

Introduction Of Common Faucet Materials

(1) Plastic faucet: plastic faucet colorful, mold mass production. And relative to other materials, the use of security is higher, this kind of faucet is ABS plastic production and processing. But it's not strong, it's short-lived.


(2) Stainless steel faucet: stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, and is resistant to acid, alkali, erosion, and is not easy to release harmful substances. Compared with other faucets, it will not pollute its own water source. Stainless steel faucet does not need electroplating, only need polishing.


(3) Ceramic Faucet: compared with other faucets, ceramic faucet has the advantages of no rust, no oxidation and no easy wear.


(4) All copper faucet: pure copper faucet adopts all copper refining, chrome plating treatment, high gloss, high anti-wear and anti-corrosion function. First of all, its own copper content and process to identify the quality of good or bad.


(5) Alloy Faucet: the price of alloy faucet is much lower than that of copper faucet, and this kind of faucet is easier to produce in a large range. Zinc alloy is widely used in this industry. Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to human body and not durable.

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