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How to Change a Bathroom Basin Faucet?

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Install Spout

First, you need to turn off the hot and cold water shutoff valves under the sink, and then remove the washbasin mixer tap and water supply pipe. Unscrew the metal ring around the drain ring from the lower pipe (drain ring), and then clean it with rubbing alcohol. When you start to install a new bath waterfall tap, you should place the brushed gold basin taps in the hole in the middle of the sink. From below, slide the flat washer onto the thread, then screw on the mounting nut, and tighten the nut by hand.


You must tighten the bottom of the spout manually so that the opening faces the hot and cold valve. Check the positioning of the nozzle, and then use an Allen wrench to tighten the fixing screw at the back to lock it in place. Also you must note that you should not overtighten the installation nut, otherwise there may be a risk of cracking the sink porcelain.


41-bathtub spouts

Install hot and cold valves

This step is not complicated, you need to loosen the mounting nut and washer on one of the hot and cold basin taps valves, and then push the waterfall tap sink valve through the sink hole. Tie up the shield decorated with heraldry from above. Then you need to tighten the mounting nut by hand (from under the sink), then tighten it with a wrench, and repeat the above operation for the other valve.


Install the single basin faucet handle

You need twist two short braided wires to the hot and cold bathroom mixer tap valve, and then to each side of the nozzle tee. Tighten all four nuts with your fingers. Then, use an adjustable wrench to tighten each quarter turn. Then, you can install the faucet handle to the valve. Adjust them so that they face both sides when closed and the front when opened. Tighten the fixing screws with an Allen wrench to keep these positions fixed.


41-brushed nickel faucet

Install rigid supply lines

If your sink mixer wall mounted faucet valve is not directly above the water supply pipe, you need to bend the top of the rigid water supply pipe into an S shape so that they will reach the valve and twist it straight.


Slide a pipe bender on the supply line and put it at the end with the acorn head. You must be careful not to bend the metal and bend the wire carefully.

Install the drain ring

You need to use pliers to unscrew the nuts that hold the trap, drain tail plate, and drain ring under the sink, and remove them all. Screw the drain ring onto the drain ring, making sure that the hole on the drain ring faces back. Then tighten the mounting nut from the bottom to the sink. Finally, you need to wipe off any excess silicone seeping from under the drain ring, and wrap the threads of the old drain tail plate with Teflon tape. Connect it to the drain ring.


Finally, you can open the water supply system and check for leaks of basin sink faucet. Unscrew the aerator on the spout, turn on the brushed gold basin taps to flush the system, and then put the aerator back in place.

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