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How to Choose Bathroom Faucets?

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There are many styles of bathroom faucets, and the quality levels are endless. We must carefully select the ones that match the bathtub and sink. Although bathroom shower faucet looks unremarkable, a high-quality bathroom faucet can bring you a comfortable experience. It is not just a functional hardware. In fact, it improves the water saving effect and complements the appearance of the sink.


Under normal circumstances, we mainly consider the purchase of faucets from three levels of material, spool and classification.


40-1-high-quality bathroom faucet

What materials are commonly used for faucets on the market? What are the characteristics of each material? The faucet made of refined copper has high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. In addition, the inner wall of the copper faucet will not breed bacteria. Many high-end faucets are brass bathroom faucets. The alloy faucet has poor durability, and it will easily produce impurities and bacteria such as rust and mildew after a long time. The stainless steel faucet does not contain lead and does not release harmful substances. The non-oxidizing and non-rusting ceramic faucet is clearly distinguished from the previous metal faucets. And there are many choices in style and color of ceramic faucet.


The spool exists inside the faucet. The spool is closely related to the control and regulation of the faucet. There are several types of faucet valve cores: ceramic valve core, roller roller valve core and stainless steel ball valve core.


40-2-stainless steel faucet

Faucets are classified into the following three types, namely triple faucet, double faucet and multi-function faucet. The triple faucet is mainly used in the bathroom, and the family with bathtub. The faucet has two outlets, which connect the shower and the faucet to meet different bathing needs. Duplex faucets are also commonly used in bathrooms and used with basins. It can also be subdivided into faucets suitable for above counter basins, or double-handle faucets. Its water outlet is short and low, and it is mainly used for washing face and hands. The multifunctional faucet can be combined with some humanized designs. For example, the pull out bathroom faucet can be installed in the bathroom to facilitate washing hair, and installed in the kitchen to facilitate cleaning of sinks and dishes. There is also a hose design, which makes washing food cleaner and more convenient. More commonly, the faucet has a hot and cold water switch function. The bathroom mixer tap is very common and practical.


No matter what kind of faucet you like, practicality and durability are the key.


Specifically, there are several styles that I personally admire.


40-3-middle-mounted bathroom faucet

The high-quality brass single-hole bathroom faucet is practical and elegant. A rotating rod that can rotate 100 degrees can adjust the water flow and temperature.


The 2 handle bathroom faucet is a middle-mounted bathroom faucet that requires 3 holes for installation. The faucet is used to switch between hot and cold water. This high-end faucet is treated with antifouling paint, which avoids the trouble of cleaning brushed nickel bathroom fixtures.


In addition to the high arc gooseneck faucet, the low arc bathroom faucet can also be well made, beautiful in appearance, and good in function. The unique low gooseneck spout and cross handle bring an elegant touch to the bathroom.


The double-lever wall-mounted bathroom faucet is very stylish. Independent hot and cold water control devices and a slender water outlet over 8 inches in length add an elegant charm to your bathroom.


The waterfall faucet is also one of the ways to upgrade the appearance of the bathroom.


The touchless bathroom sink faucet presets the water temperature to a comfortable setting.

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