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How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet?

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Are you just starting to plan your kitchen? Then you can browse a wealth of sink and faucet products and get inspiration for a new kitchen.


The sink and faucet area is the focus of attention in many kitchen areas. How to transform and upgrade your kitchen faucet in a cost-effective way? A new kitchen faucet will bring a whole new transformation to the appearance of the entire space.


How can you choose the right product for your home wisely? Do you like pull out kitchen faucet or pull down kitchen faucet? Do you like touchless water faucet or touch activated kitchen faucet? Are you keen on commercial style kitchen faucet or industrial style kitchen faucet?


30-1-new kitchen faucet

What are the key points worth paying attention to in the kitchen faucet? In fact, you can choose a comfortable handle for the hot and cold water pipeline. In addition, you can also consider products with different styles, finishes and functions. The ideal design will add more charm to the kitchen and add value to the kitchen.


The style and color of the kitchen, as well as the size of your sink and countertop are some of the factors to consider.


Most of the built-in valve cores of kitchen faucets use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valve has a solid and durable steel ball and strong resistance to pressure. But the disadvantage is that the sealing rubber ring is easy to wear and will quickly age. The ceramic valve itself has a good sealing performance, and uses a ceramic valve core faucet. In terms of feel, it is more comfortable and smooth, and can reach a high number of times of resistance to opening.


30-2-touch activated kitchen faucet

If you observe carefully, you will find that the water flow of the high-end faucet is soft and comfortable like mist, and it will not splash around. The secret weapon of these faucets is the addition of a bubbler. It can fully mix the water and air flowing through, so that the water flow has a foaming effect. With the addition of air, the scouring power of water is increased a lot, thereby effectively reducing water consumption.


When the fully automatic hand reaches under the faucet, the faucet will automatically open. After the hand is left, the faucet will automatically close, which is a fully automatic water-saving faucet. When buying this type of faucet, it is best to test it on site and strictly control it.


Traditional old-fashioned faucets and water pipes are easy to rust and pollute the water quality. You need to drain the yellow water in the pipes when you get up early to use them. However, stainless steel and copper faucets and water pipes will not rust. In addition, copper faucets have sterilization and disinfection effects, which are health products.


The durability of the faucet mainly depends on the surface treatment process. When tested in an acidic high temperature environment with a pH value of close to 3, it is intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that the surface treatment process is very hard.

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