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How to Choose a Sink Faucet?

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Bathroom sink faucet is an indispensable building material product in our home life. It can be used for washing machines, showers, mop pools and many other areas. The prices of bathroom faucets of different materials and functions are also different. The finishes and functions of the bathroom sink faucets are different, and the products that are compatible with the overall layout of the bathroom are harmonious and unified. Not all wall mount bathroom sink faucet are suitable for different sinks. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the faucet fits your sink or washbasin. There are three types of drilling for standard taps, which are center hole, single hole or wide hole.


It is understood that there are many types of bathroom faucets, including single hole bathroom faucet, waterfall bath faucet, motion sensor bathroom faucet and high arc bathroom faucet.


In addition to the normal flow of water, the bathroom faucet usually has a water inlet to match with a spray gun or shower.


37-1-Bathroom sink faucet

What are the factors that we should consider when choosing a suitable faucet?


1. Material


If you want to choose a bathroom faucet with high cost performance, you must first choose the material of the faucet.


The bathroom has high requirements for the anti-corrosion and rust resistance of the faucet because of its high humidity environment. Among the materials for conventional faucets, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, cast iron, plastics, etc. are mainly used.


The faucet made of copper is generally made of brass material, and the surface is realized by electroplating processes such as nickel plating and chromium plating. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust, and brass bathroom faucet is generally used in high-end retro decoration environment, highlighting the luxurious atmosphere.


The stainless steel shower mixer has requirements for the stainless steel model. Rust resistance is a point of concern for this type of faucet.


The other cast iron plastic zinc alloys are all low-end goods. Low-end faucets are not recommended for use in the bathroom.


2. Spool


The most important parts of the faucet are the valve core. At present, most brands of faucets use ceramic valve core as the main material. It has the characteristics of low cost of ownership and good wear resistance.


37-2-wall mount bathroom sink faucet

Precautions for Bathroom Faucets


Decorative handle buttons can add a stylish atmosphere to the space.


The integrated supply line can meet the wiring requirements of bathroom faucets.


The LED light is emitted from the water outlet and is activated when the water is turned on. Other options can make the water change into different colors and make the faucet unique.


In addition, the matching pop-up drain can also make the bathroom look unique.


The water-saving design aims to improve work efficiency and have water-saving performance.


The waterfall tap does not require high water pressure.


The main component shell of a high quality bathroom faucet is made of copper, which not only feels heavy in the hand, but also has good quality. The bathroom faucet made of zinc alloy has a lower density and a light feel. The inner cavity of the copper bathroom faucet is yellow. The interior color of the zinc alloy bathroom faucet is dark yellow with white spots, which is easy to corrode and also contains heavy metals that are harmful to the human body.

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