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How to Choose the Most Suitable Bathroom Electric Towel Rail?

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The bathroom towel heater was originally considered as a complementary product for high-end bathroom, but now it is more and more common in the family. As the name suggests, an electric towel warmer is used to hang towels, bath towels, and various small pieces of clothing. Different from the ordinary towel rack, it also has the function of drying and heating and can obtain a certain heating auxiliary function. From the material point of view, the current electric towel heaters on the market are mainly divided into cast iron, low carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper.


93.Bathroom Electric Towel Rail

Installation Method and Function of Electric Towel Rail


The installation of the heated towel rail is divided into nail-free installation and nail installation.


The installation with nails requires the use of electric drills to drill holes on the ceramic tile wall. Professional installation only takes 10 minutes.


Nail-free installation is internationally popular in Europe and America. This is mainly divided into wall mounted heated towel rack and freestanding heated towel rack. It is required that the design structure can use nail-free glue. At this time, nail-free glue must be installed to use it. The advantage is the low installation cost, no professional personnel, no electric drill, and protection of the ceramic tile wall. The disadvantage is that the hanging board needs a 24-hour dry glue period, That is, the product can only be used after 24 hours. The nail-free installation structure is compatible with nail installation, especially for wooden walls, which is more convenient.


The electric towel heater with thermostat has five major functions, namely antibacterial, sterilization, deodorization, drying and power saving.


The heated towel rail will heat the air in the bathroom after it is turned on, and it can also play a role in heating in winter. Such a dry bathroom environment will reduce the growth of mold.


The heated towel drying rack contains ozone, which can sterilize the towel by diffusion oxidation, and the ozone emitted into the air can also sterilize the air.


The ozone that is not decomposed in a short period of time in the electric towel rail will automatically be converted into oxygen, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly. Fresh air makes the bathroom space more comfortable.


The drying function of the electric towel heater for bathroom is the most basic. Generally, the wet towels hung on it will be dried within two hours, so that the towels will be dried in time and not easy to breed molds and mites.


The power of the electric towel rail is about 65W, and the electricity used for a whole day will be less than that of a bath heater for an hour. And after turning on the heated towel warmer for bathroom, the bathroom can always maintain a higher temperature.



Choose a Heated Towel Rail


1. You need to consider the size of your bathroom installation space. If the bathroom area is installed with a large indoor space, you need to choose a high-power electric towel rail, so that the heat dissipation is large. If the area is not large, you can choose a lower washing power. In fact, even if your bathrooms are of different sizes, wall mounted towel rails for bathrooms will definitely maximize the space.


2. The price of the heated towel rail is determined by the material, weight, heat dissipation, and production process of the towel rail.

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