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How to Diagnose Sewer Failure?

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We may not pay special attention to the sewer failure at first, but if it is not handled in time, the sewer problem will cause extensive damage to the house. Fortunately, there are symptoms such as blockages, odors, and other warning signs for sewer problems to alert homeowners to potential damage. Let us work together to diagnose sewer failure.


62.how to diagnose sewer faults


Symptoms of sewer problems

1. Slowly drain the sink and other supports

Water in the fixture is one of the most common symptoms of lateral sewer problems. Even if it is only backed up in certain equipment, such as the bathroom sink cabinets flowing backward, the bathroom can still function normally-contrary to the main pipe, the auxiliary sewer pipe may still be problematic. Your piping system has multiple branches, similar to a tree, and one or all of them may have problems.


2. Using a fixture will create a spare in other places

For example, If flushing the toilet causes water to back up in the bathtub or bidet toilet, for example, it may be because the water is being forced upward due to a clog in your sewer line. These backups may appear in multiple places like bath vanity, basin cabinet or basement drains.


3. Backups in multiple fixtures

Please pay close attention when the spare water becomes dirty. The presence of sediment indicates that the water has drained from the actual sewer, not just in the internal pipes of the house. The appearance of the sediment will look like mud.


4. Sultry smell

If there is no problem with the sewer pipe, your pipe should be sealed. Clogging can cause cracks and other openings, which can release the stench of sewage into your house or yard. If you start to notice an unpleasant stench in or near your home, there is something wrong with the drain.


5. Water flows back when it rains

This may mean that you need to install a backflow preventer on the sewer line to allow only water to flow out of your house, not into your house.


62.how to diagnose sewer faults.


How to deal with a sewer blockage

1. Turn off the water. If you have reached the water source or are about to cause extensive damage, find the shut-off valve, put the water pipe of the water meter into the house, and then turn the "gate valve" to the "off" position.


2. Schedule a video inspection. When professionals use sewer inspection cameras to actually see what is happening, they can best diagnose your plumbing problems. The camera can be inserted into the sewer to show the true condition of the pipeline. Determining the exact location of the fault can also enable your sewer repair or replacement team to solve drainage problems more effectively, saving everyone time and money.



Are there other ways to deal with sewer failures? How to use pop up bath plug, pop up waste plug, pop up waste seal and pop up basin plug? Follow our next article to tell you the answer.

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