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How to Install a Non-contact Kitchen Faucet?

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Motion sensor bathroom faucet and motion sensor kitchen faucet can eliminate bacteria and waste water. And they are easy to install and use.


The kitchen sink faucet is one of the places where bacteria can breed most in the kitchen. Many people open the faucet with dirty hands directly after handling raw meat or cookie dough, the bacteria will spread to the handle. If the faucet is not disinfected after use, dirt will accumulate.


Can hands-free kitchen faucets completely eliminate bacteria? A hands-free kitchen faucet is activated by action and opens automatically when you need to wash. Therefore, touchless water faucet can not only completely eliminate bacteria but also save time and water.


22-1-Motion sensor bathroom faucet

When installing a non-contact faucet, you need the non-contact faucet and the accompanying hardware, battery, drill bit, 3/32 drill bit, screwdriver, adjustable wrench and tape measure.


1. Place Faucet


The preparatory work before installation is to turn off the hot and cold water supply to the kitchen sink. After removing the old faucet, pass the data cable, hose and handle of no touch kitchen faucet through the deck gasket. Then align the bottom of the faucet body, and pass the cable, hose and handle through the mounting hole. If it is 3 hole kitchen faucet or 4 hole kitchen faucet, please install the bottom plate. Make sure that the handle of the faucet is on the right side and the water outlet is facing you.


2. Secure Faucet


Under the sink, slide the support plate over the cable, and slide the mounting washer onto the faucet handle. This step is to ensure that the data cable and hose are within the curve of the washing machine. Screw the mounting nut onto the faucet handle. Make sure the faucet is correctly positioned on the counter or sink. Tighten the nut with the installation tool.


22-2-hands-free kitchen faucet

3. Install Hose Bracket


Install the hose holder approximately 2 inches from the end of the connecting hose. Slide the bracket to the end of the faucet and fix it in place with a hose guide nut. Guide it into the faucet outlet. Remove the protective cap at the end of the hose, and connect the hose to the faucet with a quick connect cable.


4. Connect Hose and Supply Lines


Connect hoses and supply lines to the corresponding outlets. At this point you need to use an adjustable wrench to fix the connection.


5. Install Control Box


Install the control box by snapping the control box onto the hose guide nut.


22-3-touchless basin tap

6. Attach Spray Wand


Remove the protective cover to ensure that the rubber gasket and filter are in place, and connect the spray wand to the down hose.


7. Install Battery Pack


Make sure that the wires can reach the bottom of the control box to install the battery pack.


8. Plug In Data Cable


Remove the protective cap and insert the data cable into the control box.


9. Turn Water On


Try to reopen the hot and cold water inlets. Make sure that there are no cleaning supplies or obstructions under the sink.


Use a wrench to screw the new kitchen water tap into a horizontal direction, so that it is convenient to use the faucet. The new touchless kitchen tap is now replaced and installed.


The same operation process is suitable for touchless bathroom faucet, touchless basin tap and kitchen sensor faucet

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