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How to buy a good shower head?

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To create a comfortable bathroom space, it is very important to choose a good large rain shower head. In home life, bathroom rooms are frequently used. In an ordinary home, there may not be a bathtub, but there will definitely be a shower. All kinds of water heaters use electricity, gas and solar energy. It allows us to relax here after a hard day, and has the feeling of washing away our physical and mental fatigue. However, as a consumable of shower equipment-shower nozzle, if it is not selected properly, it will lead to the situation that the mist shower head does not spray water, some spray holes are blocked, and pipes are leaking, which makes us very upset. So it is necessary to choose a comfortable and safe water pressure shower head for home life.



13-2-large rain shower head

How to choose a shower head?


1. water outlet mode


In fact, for shower heads, the way of discharging water directly affects the feeling of bathing. Compared with the previous general type and strong beam type, the five-stage massage new shower head introduced in the market is more popular. It can adjust various strength modes such as strong type, gentle type, moderate type and mixed type at will, and the water can be sprayed by massage, crushing and rotating to relax the body.


2. Self-cleaning effect


For the former cool shower heads, the water outlet holes are mostly hidden inside, but now the water outlet holes are mostly exposed outside. According to the water quality characteristics in the north, the water outlet holes made of rubber are easier to clean, and it is not easy to generate scale. It is more convenient to clean when bathing, and it can be scrubbed with hands and cloth. In addition, the water holes stand out, and the shower water will be more natural.


3. Spray effect


From the appearance, the shape of chakra shower head looks similar, so we must look at its spray effect when selecting. A good shower nozzle can ensure the uniform spray of each small spray hole, and can ensure the dripping shower effect under different water pressures. When selecting, we can test the water to see if its spray water flow is uniform.


4. Water saving function


When consumers buy stainless steel shower heads, water saving is naturally mentioned. The steel ball valve core used in the shower nozzle and the hot water controller can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. Using new technology can not only save water, but also not affect the comfort of bathing. Under normal circumstances, a reasonably designed high pressure rain shower head can save water by 50% compared with the ordinary shower nozzle.



13-3-large rain shower head

What should we pay attention to when using the shower head?


First, do not use strong acid when removing the scale from the best rainfall shower head. This is to prevent corrosion on the surface of the shower head. Second, If it is found that the shower is intermittent running water, it is very likely that some sundries have blocked the water hole. At this time, you can slowly move the shower head by hand, and then those sundries will be washed out. Third, when cleaning the bathroom shower head, try not to use detergent containing particles such as detergent powder. Fourth, in order to prolong the service life of the shower head, try to be gentle when using it.

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