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How to choose suitable shower curtains?

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As we all know, the shower curtain equipped for the black concealed thermostatic shower is a waterproof cloth, which can be used only by hanging it through the shower curtain rod. The shower curtain not only has a certain waterproof, windproof and heat preservation function, but also can be opened and folded, saving valuable bathroom space and even playing a decorative and beautiful role. When buying shower curtains for your concealed rainfall shower, four aspects are generally considered. One is to see if there is a water barrier, the other is what kind of hanging method the shower curtain is, the third is that the length of the shower curtain should meet the actual height of the shower room, and the fourth is the material of the shower curtain.



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Selection of shower curtain


Cheap shower curtains for brushed brass concealed shower may be hard, but they are easy to tear when used, especially when taking a bath in cold weather. Therefore, we should choose a shower curtain that is not close to the body, soft to the touch, transparent, and waterproof. Therefore, we should go to a professional store to ensure the quality and environmental protection of our products.


The thickness of matt black concealed shower curtain is also very important when choosing, neither too thick nor too thin, because if it is too thick, its air permeability is not good, the water stains on it are not easy to dry after use, and it is easy to get moldy after a long time. If the shower curtain is too thin, the sagging feeling may not be good, so the thickness of rbrohant concealed shower curtain is recommended to be 0.1 to 0.15 mm.


Some shower curtains will smell pungent. This is because when the shower curtains are produced, they will be printed with patterns and have a smell of ink. If the quality is not up to standard, environmental protection will not pass. After buying the new shower curtains for your concealed power shower, it is recommended to take them out and hang them for a period of time, so that the smell on them will spread out.



The size of the shower curtain is also particular. If there is a bathtub, the width of the traditional concealed shower curtain is at least 20 cm larger than that of the bathtub. If it is just right, the shower curtain will not be pulled tightly. If there is no bathtub, the height of the shower curtain is 180-200 cm, and the height of the hem from the ground is 1-2 cm, so you can't completely touch the ground, or you will get dirty things easily.



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Maintenance and cleaning of shower curtain


After showering, the brushed gold concealed shower curtain should be opened for air circulation to prevent mildew. Silicone glue can be hung to absorb moisture and prevent mildew. For water marks on bathroom walls or doors, old toothbrushes or cotton swabs can be used to clean the curtain of concealed ceiling shower to prevent scale. For many plastic shower curtains, soap bubbles, mold and grease on the shower curtain can be wiped off with vinegar to make the shower curtain look like new. The bottom of the concealed wall shower curtain is the most difficult to scrub. You can brush it with salt, because the fine particles of salt can produce frosting effect, and then wipe it with vinegar to remove stubborn stains.

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