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How to choose the shower valve that suits you?

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This paper provides a method of sharing how to choose the most suitable shower valve, including determining the number of handles of the shower faucet, determining the manufacturer of the product, checking whether the connection is proper, and how to maintain it.


1. You need to determine the number of shower faucet handles.

How to determine how many handles you need? This depends on the real needs of your family. Generally speaking, double shower heads need to be installed with hot and cold water pipes separately with 2 shower head system. If the faucet has only one handle, also called a shower head, you can only install cold or hot water. Faucets with more than three handles are very rare. Generally, the 3 shower head is used as a diverter to project water flow onto the shower head or bathtub fixture. When you find a bathroom without a handle, there will be a series of buttons, and the faucet is a panel shower.


71-1-shower head unit

2. A good shower manufacturer is very important.

Generally, when you look directly at the center of the decorative panel behind the shower head unit, you can find the brand name or manufacturer symbol. You can check the brand online, because it involves future repairs and faucet replacement services.



3. You need to check how the faucet is connected to the pipe.

When you find that the shower head is connected to the tub faucet with hand shower at the back, I just hold the shower head. When you find the shower head and the shower pipe protruding from the wall, it is a fixed shower head. Generally speaking, the fixed shower head can only rotate 180 degrees, and the casainc shower head will be more convenient to use.


71-3-shower head unit

4. The special function of the shower.

Normally shower head price for shower often have some special functions. You can try to check whether there is a manufacturer's name or symbol on the surface of the nozzle, and then you will find different nozzle patterns in the nozzle to indicate the massage or pulsation function. Through the operation of the control panel of the shower massage and pulsation function, you can find that when you spray the shower nozzle to the other resistance, turn on the water and press the button on the shower handle, the water flow on the nozzle will change.


5. The matching skills of shower faucet.

You need to choose the material of the shower faucet according to the color or the type of your home. Generally speaking, the color system of the stainless shower head frame and bathroom shelf should be consistent.


6. How to buy a shower valve that suits you?

When you especially want to buy the most suitable shower valve for your home, you can list the shower function and brand name you want according to your needs, as well as the budget, and finally find out the type of shower faucet you want to have, and just buy it directly. 

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