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How to clean the bathroom?

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The dirt in the toilet is relatively concentrated, and it is very difficult to clean. The main stubbornness include scale, urine, grease, soap and dust. Bathroom mirrors, toilet sink faucet, shower head riser, bathtubs and other places are the main places to hide dirt and dirt, so how can the toilet be thoroughly cleaned?


1. How to clean the shower?

You need to remove the net cover or other parts that absorb scale from the stainless steel shower head in the bathroom, and after cleaning it with a brush, screw back the bathroom shower head.


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2. How to clean the washbasin?

First, you need to prepare cleaning tools such as dish cloths, detergents, and small brushes. If there is rubbish on the plug ring on the surface of the sink, please clamp the rubbish with a clip first, and then use the detergent to wet the step and clean the surface of the wash basin with washbasin mixer tap. You can also use a brush to brush back and forth. After brushing, you can directly use a dry cloth to remove the water. Wipe the stain dry. If your washbasin is made of ceramic material, you must clear the dust and sand every day, otherwise it will be prone to scratches. You can also apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe them with a soft cloth. Finally, remember to wax.


3. How to clean the faucet?

Please remember that the bathroom sink faucets cannot be cleaned with alkaline cleaners or scouring pads or steel balls. You can only clean the surface with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste, and then rinse it off with water for bathroom shower faucets. When you use it, whether it is on or off, the speed must be slow, because this will easily cause the cock to fall off and cause dripping.


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4. How to clean the toilet?

There are generally three ways to clean the toilet. First, you can directly wet the toilet with water, then spread a layer of paper towels, and then a layer of toilet cleaner. You need to make sure to apply them all, wait 10 minutes and then use a brush. Rinse it with clean water a few times. The second method is that you need to put baking soda into the toilet, and then pour it into boiling water for half an hour, then you can clean the toilet directly with a toilet brush from wall mounted toothbrush holder. The third method is to mix vinegar and water first, and then pour it into the toilet. The soaking takes a little longer, about half a day. After the dirt turns into deposits, you can clean the toilet directly with a brush.


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5. How to clean the bathtub?

There are generally two types of bathtubs on the market. One is an acrylic bathtub. For general stains on this type of acrylic bathtub with wooden bathtub tray, you can directly use a discarded soft toothbrush dipped in bleach powder or half a lemon dipped in salt to scrub the surface. The other is a cast iron bathtub with bathtub soap dish. The cast iron bathtub needs to be cleaned with a soft sponge pad and acid-free detergent.

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