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How to clean the shower room?

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1. How to clean the shower?

First, you need to turn off the shower head first, then fix the square shower head with something, and then fill a plastic bag with a ratio of vinegar to water of 1:3, and then provided that the plastic bag does not leak, and then you You need to tie the plastic bag to the rain shower head with handheld, leave it for at least 30 minutes, take out the plastic bag, and finally wipe the shower head with hose with a towel and wash away the dirt. Or you can take the detachable shower head off the shower hose directly by twisting it, then soak it in a mixture of vinegar and water, and finally wipe the nozzle with an old toothbrush and reconnect it. There is another homemade method that you can use white wine vinegar to remove limescale. You should just use about one part vinegar, one part hot water, and one teaspoon of detergent. And then you put it in a copper shower head and apply it on the glass. Wipe off the watermark with a cloth or eraser.


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2. How to clean your shower hose?

When you take a bath, you often need to connect the water to rinse through the rubber shower hose. Therefore, the shower hose is also a place where limescale often accumulates, and it is difficult to clean it, but how to clean it to be more clean? The method is similar to the method of cleaning the shower, but also immerse the hand shower hose in the mixture for 30 minutes, and then use a toothbrush to remove the scale.


3. How to clean the shower unit?

The floor of the bathroom is often stained with a lot of dirt, mud, and grease. You can use a rag with a little vinegar and gently wipe the floor to easily remove the dirt and make the floor beautiful as new. There are small gaps between the floors of the bathroom, and this small gap becomes a corner where bacteria grow and dirt hides. Use vinegar to scrub the floor space, which can sterilize and disinfect and decontaminate strongly.


The water spots on the mirror are always unbearable. The wash mirror in the bathroom is often splashed with water droplets, and the white water spots on the mirror really affect the appearance. You can use a small piece of cotton dipped in white wine to gently wipe the mirror surface, or pour leftover tea water on a rag and gently wipe the mirror surface to easily remove the dirt.


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4. To sum up

You need to clean the bathroom regularly to make your shower more enjoyable. Otherwise, you need to constantly replace the bathroom parts, such as long shower hose, vanity basin taps and other bathroom accessories set. This will increase your cost and cause the bathroom to be dirty.

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