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How to decorate your bathroom?

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Bathroom often has water, we all know that bathroom decoration should pay attention to waterproof and antiskid, then, in addition to these, bathroom decoration also need to pay attention to what?


Notice 1: Threshold Design

Bathroom threshold design is very important, because it can prevent the toilet bowl inside the bathroom, showery shower head water to the outflow. The door sill should not be inclined towards the outside of the bathroom, so it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the door sill so that the water will not be inclined into the interior of the bathroom. The second notable point is that the width of the threshold must be the same as the width of the door frame, and the thickness of the threshold must also be the same as the thickness of the wall, so as to reduce the probability of breach when laying the floor.


Notice 2: Floor Tile Laying

Bathroom floor tile laying need to pay attention to several points. The first thing to pay attention to is that the floor tiles can not be tiled, because the water in the bathroom needs to flow down the water outlet, and the laying of floor tiles needs a little inclination, so as to make the water flow smoothly down the water outlet. The second joint must be the same as that of the tile. Don't worry about the bad placement of your large bathtubs. You just need to give it to the decoration company.



81.Floor Waterproof

Note 3: Floor Waterproof

Ground waterproof work is also an important thing, and the most common waterproof material is waterproof agent. When decorating the bathroom, the waterproof layer must be laid to 20 cm above the floor, and the minimum height can not be lower than the threshold. If there are reserved pipes on the floor, the reserved pipes need to be wrapped with waterproof layer.Because when you use a trimble shower system or small freestanding tub, the floor will be full of water. If you don't use waterproof agent, the floor will soon break down.


Note 4: Waterproof Bathroom Socket

Toilet socket should be enough, otherwise there will be a lot of problems later. If a socket is reserved next to the faucet sink, a hair dryer can be placed. If you want to install a smart toilet, you need to reserve a socket next to the smart toilet system. In addition, for the sake of safety, it is better to use a waterproof socket with a smart toilet seat. If these early decoration is not done, the later can only use the plug-in board. But in a bathroom with a humid environment, this is not a wise way.



81 showery shower

Note 5: Bathroom Ventilation Facilities Should Be Improved

The ventilation facilities in the bathroom must be made good. Because the bathroom is a relatively closed space, it is easy to cause the air is not in circulation, so there is a peculiar smell, affecting our use. Therefore, it is very important to install good ventilation equipment in the bathroom. Usually, it is necessary to open the window for air exchange, which is conducive to the circulation of air. If the water heater is installed in the bathroom, ventilation is more important.

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