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How to identify the manufacturer of faucet?

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Whether it is at home or in public places outside, the faucet is essential, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, shower or bathtub, the presence of the faucet is needed. But owning these water basin taps means you need to replace them when they break.


If your old waterfall tap sink is damaged and you want to buy a new same single bathroom tap because you are used to this faucet, but you are not sure what its brand is, which may bother you. In fact, there are many ways to help you identify the manufacturer of the bathroom basin faucets you bought.


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1. The easiest way is to find the logo.

First, you need to clean the single faucet handle and check for logo. The logo or brand name may be covered by dirt, which requires you to spray the wall mount sink faucet with a multi-purpose cleaner and scrub it, and then you need to observe whether there are any signs on the valve or handle. The logo is generally a specific word or shape, representing a specific manufacturer.


Secondly, you can also look at all the parts of the wash basin faucet. The names of some manufacturers may be small and inconspicuous, and it is difficult for you to find them quickly. In this case, you can rely on and use a flashlight to observe. You must look at the handle and curve of the faucet, so as not to miss a specific symbol.



2. Find the model of the faucet

If you can't find the manufacturer's logo or name, then you can also check if there is a bath shower faucet model number. You can use the technique of looking for signs when cleaning the faucet handle and checking the model. If you can't see, a flashlight is the best choice. Most model numbers are small numbers. If you really find a model, then you can enter it on the search engine in the next step. It may take you to the manufacturer's website to find the manufacturer.



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3. Observe the spline

The spline is a groove on the broach. Different manufacturers use different numbers of splines. To count the number of splines, you need to unscrew the lid and unscrew the bathroom water tap handle. This means taking the handle of the faucet off and counting. Then you can search for the specific size on the Internet to know the bathroom wall faucet brand.



4. Observe the characteristics of the faucet

For the faucet, you can search for the function of a specific brand on the Internet, and they will give you the brand. You can also ask your friends and they will help you. Observing the characteristics of the faucet will undoubtedly make you understand the manufacturer of the faucet. 


In summary, these methods can help you find your faucet manufacturer. Sometimes, you can also try some new faucet brand. Bomei is a professional manufacture who specialize in producing and exporting all kinds of sanitary ware , such as faucet and shower panel, bathroom accessories. And we specialize in faucet designing, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service since the foundation in 2013. 

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