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How to install and disassemble the shower head by yourself?

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With the continuous development of science and technology, our living standard is very high. Therefore, whether it is at home, hotel or other places, there may be no hot springs or bathtubs, but there will definitely be showers. Speaking of showers, we certainly have to talk about large shower heads. Of course, shower heads are common and often used in our daily life. Due to long-term water supply, factors and water quality in various places, scale will be produced after long-term use of best handheld shower heads. So the speed of its damage is also very high. Therefore, we need to master some skills and methods of installation and disassembly, so that it will be more convenient when we replace it.



10-3-large shower head

How to disassemble the shower nozzle?


The premise of removing the power shower head is that you have to observe what kind of shower nozzle it is. Because of the different types of shower nozzle, the methods of removing these nozzles will be different. But generally, the copper shower heads used by everyone can be screwed. So first of all, screw it off with a tool, and then turn it counterclockwise to screw it off. Never disassemble the shower nozzle by force, because improper disassembly will damage the appearance and interior of the shower nozzle. Therefore, if we can't dismantle it by ourselves, we can specially dismantle the staff.


1. If it is a detachable adjustable shower head. First, prepare all kinds of tools to disassemble the shower head, such as screwdriver and tweezers.


2. First, unscrew the shower nozzle and the pipe connecting it.


3. Then use tweezers to unscrew the middle part under the bronze shower head cover.


4. As long as the lid is unscrewed, the screws inside will be exposed. We unscrewed the screws with the prepared tool screwdriver.


5. In the last step, you only need to unscrew the shower nozzle and you are done.



10-1-large shower head

How to install the shower nozzle?


1. Find the joint before installing the shower nozzle


We first find the joint from the product package, that is, the copper joint with threads at both ends, which is a bit misplaced. Wrap them with raw material tape, and then connect them properly with the buried outlet pipe joint. During installation, attention must be paid to adjusting the outlet on the wall with connectors, so that the direct distance can be controlled at about 15cm. And the height of high flow shower head is about 90~100cm away from the ground. Assemble faucet main body and main body outlet pipe, and wrap threads with raw material tape before connection. Then, put the installed faucet of the main mineral shower head at the front water outlet to butt-check. Draw a line on the wall at the position that needs to be fixed with screws in the middle of the shower bar, so as to locate and install the fixing seat. Drill holes in the position of the shower fixing seat just now and put nylon anchor bolts, and then fix the fixing seat on the wall with screws.


2. Installation of joints


The best rain shower heads are assembled and installed on the fixing seat of the joint. If the positions are not correct, the fixing seat of the joint box can be adjusted to make some appropriate adjustments. When installing, it must be noted that a sealing gasket must be installed between the nut behind the faucet and the joint.


3. Installation of nozzle


When the faucet is installed, we will install the dripping shower head on the elbow at the top of the shower bar to ensure the connection is stable, and connect the faucet body with the hand-held shower with stainless steel hose. After completion, you can try it to see if there is any water leakage. Make sure there is no water leakage, and the installation is finished.

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