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How to install bathroom faucet?

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Now China's economy is developing rapidly, so the speed of commodity upgrading is also very fast. The bathroom is very important in our life now. As the most important place in our life, the bathroom also has a vessel sink faucets. After all, the bathroom is used for bathing. Do you know how to install the bathroom faucet? In fact, the installation of bathroom faucet is a little complicated, and there are many things to pay attention to. If you don't believe it, please take a look at the following article!

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Pay Attention To The Antirust Layer During Installation

First of all, hot and cold faucet installation must let the manufacturer's professional installation personnel to install, or find professional plumbers can also install. When installing the faucet, you must handle it with care, and do not bump it. In addition to aesthetic factors, some hot and cold faucets have a layer of coating on the surface to prevent rusting, which will affect the service life after touching the antirust layer. Do not let cement or installation glue remain on the stainless steel faucet, so as not to damage the surface coating or affect the appearance of the faucet.


The Hole In The Basin Should Not Be Too Tight

Secondly, when the hot and cold modern style faucet is installed, the hole of the water basin must not be too close, and there must be a certain space. You can use special cement or glue gun to fill the gap, so as to avoid the thermal expansion effect of thermal expansion and cold contraction when hot water comes out, from damaging the basin or faucet itself. The following hot water pipe and cold water pipe should be installed correctly according to the method of faucet. All joints of water pipe should be wrapped with raw tape and tightened with pipe clamp to avoid water leakage.


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Let The Faucet Be In A Natural Stretch State

Finally, to make the connecting pipe of the faucet in the most natural and stretching state, we should not use less materials because we are too economical, but make the water pipe always in the stretching state, which will affect the service life. Of course, the material can not be too long, too long will plate together, resulting in corners, but also affect the water effect. Tap outlet point to install a filter, and regularly clean, in order to avoid excessive impurities in the water and blockage.


Quality Identification Guide

Valve core: This is the heart of the faucet. Now the cold and hot faucets are all made of ceramic valve core. But the valve core is not visible at the time of purchase, so the market is mixed with plastic, iron and so on. Even ceramics can be good or bad. So you have to be clear when you choose. This is directly related to the service life of the faucet.


Material: good faucet is made of high quality brass. Because the home decoration faucet is in direct contact with the water source, which directly affects the water sanitation. Brass is one of the most suitable metal materials. It has anti-corrosion, non-toxic and bactericidal effects. You need to pay attention to the choice of high-quality brass, not that as long as the material is brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc If only by copper, zinc brass is called ordinary brass.


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