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How to install new bathroom hardware?

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When it comes to installing new bathroom hardware, there are bound to be some errors in eye position and measurement. It will not only trouble you every time you walk into the bathroom, but if the bathroom hardware is installed in a bad place, it will actually reduce the function of these products. We've collected some information that outlines the appropriate height and location of the most common bathroom hardware. Before you start any project, keep a simple tip in mind: keep all bathroom hardware level at all times to ensure that all new hardware is aligned evenly.



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Towel Rack

The size of towel rack is usually between 18 and 32 inches. Because of their length, they are best mounted on the top wall of the bathroom. When you decide the position, you need to measure it 42 to 48 inches from the ground. This is a critical step, because there are two locations that need to be fixed and made sure they are level.


Towel Ring

Hand towel ring is a good complement to the towel warmer rack, especially in the guest bathroom can be more useful. Remember to install Towel Rings 50 inches to 52 inches above the floor. Towels should hang freely, not on your dresser. If there is a problem of length, please adjust the installation height accordingly.


Robe Hook

It's perfect for hanging bathrobes and towels, and clothes hooks provide a lot of convenience in the bathroom. The robe hook can be installed anywhere in the room, but it's best to keep an arm's distance from the earth shower head. The robe hook should be installed 65 to 70 inches above the floor as long as your towel or robe is not on the floor.




Toilet Paper Holder

Between the standard spring bracket and the European style bracket, toilet paper has never had a fashionable place to hang! Toilet paper holders are simple to place: they are either on the wall or on the dresser. If you install the toilet paper holder directly on the wall, it should be installed 26 inches from the floor. The national kitchen and bathroom association points out that since standard and comfortable height toilets are under 26 inches, you can get the most comfortable service at this height. If you are installing brackets on one side of the dresser, measure approximately 8 inches down from the top of the dresser.


Shower Curtain Rod

Most shower curtains are 70 to 72 inches in length, so a good shower bar is 75 to 77 inches above the ground. Keeping the curtain a few inches off the floor can help prevent falls in the bathroom. If you want to fake a higher ceiling, install the shower pole on a higher wall and choose an extra long curtain.


If you're going to decorate your bathroom with new hardware, remember these sizes. They are all standard, but you can adjust them according to the height of your family.


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