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How to keep water from flowing out of the bathroom?

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Usually, the bathroom is designed for wet and dry separation. However, when taking a bath with your electric shower head, there will always be water splashing outside, and the design of wet and dry separation will lose its original effect. In fact, water splashes out, because in the initial design, the effect after use was not taken into account, so that it would become very inconvenient when going to the toilet. In fact, if you want to keep the water splashes out, there are many methods, such as installing linear trench drain, collapsible rubber threshold, long, weighted curtain for black concealed mixer shower, shower corner splash guards, shower curtain splash guards, shower splash clips or shower door. Today, we mainly introduce the function and use of the water barrier.



8-2-electric shower head

Function of water barrier


The main function of the water barrier of brushed brass concealed shower is to prevent the water from spreading when we take a bath. Usually, when we choose the material of the water barrier, we will consider it for a long time, because the materials of the water barrier are various, which can make people look conspicuous. However, one thing we need to know is that no matter what material the water barrier of concealed black shower is made of, in fact, it must be waterproof, so many people will choose marble or granite.


There are many advantages in installing water barriers for your concealed bath shower mixer. After all, water barriers are corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to clean, and can even resist gas and odor. When laying floor tiles, a groove should be set aside, and then cement mortar should be used to pave them. After that, artificial stone waterspouts can be put on and a waterspout shape can be created by bricks. There is also a type of waterspout in the market, which is called skirt waterspout. Many sellers will say how good the waterspouts are, but in fact, these are misleading consumers. Why can't we choose the skirt waterspout? The main reason lies in the fact that the outer edge of the skirt water barrier is only a few millimeters higher, and in fact, this water barrier for concealed thermostatic mixer shower is used as a stone foundation under the shower room. The glass is installed in the middle of the water barrier, and the skirt prevents the water barrier from seeping under the glitter glass.



7-2-brushed gold concealed shower

Installation of water barrier


What should we pay attention to when installing water barriers for your black concealed thermostatic shower? When installing water and electricity in the bathroom, we must first consider the size problem, waterfall bathroom sink faucet, shower, circuit, etc., and ask the manufacturer carefully before installation. With the installation of water barriers, the water barriers should be buried when laying ceramic tiles. After a long time, the water will not seep out, but there are some shortcomings. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to replace them. If you don't bury them, the use of rubber seals can also play a role in blocking water. However, after a long time, the water barriers of concealed wall mixer will age and water seepage will still occur.


No matter how the bathroom is designed, it is a very important link to install the water barrier for your concealed water mixer, and it is also a link that we can't give up. Water barriers made of various materials will have different installation effects, so many owners pay special attention to everything about the installation of the water barrier when decorating the bathroom in recent years.

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