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How to maintain smart shower in cold weather?

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The ultimate goal of scientific and technological innovation is to make life more and more convenient, and the same is true for the evolution and innovation of automatic water tap. Traditional water heaters have simple functions and single style. With the general improvement of social living standards, a single function cannot satisfy consumers' pursuit of high-quality life. So smart black concealed mixer shower is a good choice. Many people always install smart shower valves in attics, and the temperature inside most attics is relatively low, which will affect the water supply of shower valves to a certain extent, so you need to know more knowledge to ensure that your intelligent fields and valves can be used normally under cold temperature conditions.



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Shower abnormal performance:


When your smart shower or single hole bathroom faucet is abnormal, you should pay attention to the following: first, the light on the shower controller is on but no water comes out, or the controller has neither light flashing nor any response after you press the button, and then the shower can only work for a short time and automatically shut down after a short time of normal work. Of course, there may be problems with the concealed electric shower unit of smart showers. Smart valves are usually places where hot and cold water are mixed. There are thermistor devices inside the valves, which can help us adjust the water temperature. When the valves are at very low temperature, the thermistor will automatically detect and change the valves into protection mode, that is, the smart concealed water mixer will stop running in cold climate.



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How to solve the above problems?


The first solution is that you need to turn off the power of the smart shower and valve, and then turn it on again after a few minutes. If the problem in the bathroom concealed mixer is that the water in the valve is frozen at low temperature, then the water in the valve and pipeline needs to be thawed, which requires you to raise the temperature of the attic. The best way is to open the hatch of the attic and restart the smart shower after the water in the valve and pipeline is thawed.


In order to prevent some problems in the concealed shower kits, it is best to wrap some sheaths on the pipeline near the valve and place a cardboard box on the valve as a container, which can effectively protect the concealed bath filler and the water in the pipeline from freezing. When installing these protection tools, it is necessary to ensure that there is a certain space between the protection and the valve, and that the cover box cannot be made of insulating materials, and that there are no other obstacles under the valve, which can raise the temperature of the attic to a certain extent and prevent the water in the valve and shower head and hose from freezing. The cover box can protect the intelligent valve at low temperature. However, if the temperature in the attic is suitable or high, it is best to remove the cover box, which is not cond

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