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How will the bathroom hardware industry develop?

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With the progress of society, people's requirements for bathroom hardware room are higher and higher, and the basic functions of toilet tend to be perfect. The functions of shower, toilet, and washing are combined in various forms. Automatic toilet, bathroom cabinet and oversized bathtub are widely used in thousands of households. Shower rooms are also gradually entering the market. The overall market presents a high-speed development trend.


The new material products for making standard bathtub and smartlet toilet have also been applied in a certain range. With the improvement of people's living standards, the specificity of toilets has been fully reflected, with toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room or bathtub as the main three large-scale popularization. At the same time, the toilet will also add squat trough, urinal, women's washing equipment and other sanitary ware according to the needs, and the application of sanitary ware products is showing a rapid growth trend.



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Traditional Materials

The main raw materials used by traditional bathroom hardware and ceramic enterprises are clay and other substances, which have one thing in common is excessive pollution. Although this material has great advantages in terms of price and practicability, can we replace some parts of bathroom hardware products with other materials? On the one hand, it can reduce the pollution caused by the ceramic production process, and on the other hand, it can save the excessive development of traditional materials such as clay by material replacement. Therefore, the research and use of new materials can play a very important role in bathroom hardware and ceramic products.


Home decoration can be based on their own preferences to choose a specific style, or simple, or American, or pastoral. The choice of bathroom hardware products needs to consider the comfort and practicality, if only focus on the trend is obviously not enough, after all, they are often used products, we must choose carefully.

Great Potential Of Third And Fourth Tier Cities

At present, China's urbanization rate is more than 50%, in the process of urbanization, consumer demand for bathroom products is growing. It is predicted that every 1% increase in China's urbanization rate will drive 7 trillion yuan of market demand.


In the first and second tier cities, bathroom brand competition is fierce. In the case of excess channel resources, the purchasing power of consumers in the third and fourth tier cities has been increasing, attracting various bathroom brands to test the water one after another, and it has become an inevitable trend that the sales channels of sanitary ware market will sink. At the same time, manufacturers should be able to pay attention to the quality of the bathtub, the design of the sink, the layout of the entire bathroom, and so on.



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Intelligent Trend

Today, intelligent products have begun to flow into our lives. With the advent of the Internet era, the bathroom industry has gradually embarked on intelligent development. Intelligent toilet cover has become a popular online shopping model. Although the sales of smart toilet, intelligent faucet, intelligent shower and other sanitary products have doubled in recent years. But in fact, there is still a lot of market space for smart toilet covers in the Chinese market.


For many domestic consumers, smart bathroom because of its high-end appearance and function design and high price, often makes the working class consumers feel difficult to accept. In addition, there are some problems in product quality and after-sales service of domestic intelligent bathroom products, so domestic intelligent bathroom products have not been able to open a larger market in China.


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