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Is There a Faucet Suitable for the Sink?

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If you are considering replacing the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen in the near future, you need to know some basic information about sinks.


It is understood that the sink and faucet have different configurations. The configuration of the faucet must be aligned with the number of holes in the sink. But these two components are not perfectly matched at all times. We can hide the extra holes with the plug and base plate. There are some workarounds to adapt some faucets to sinks.


38-1-sink and faucet

There are many types of sinks, mainly including the following styles.


The top-mounted sink is probably the most commonly used sink. The top-mounted or embedded sink is designed on the top of the counter. It is suitable for almost any countertop material, including wood and laminate, because the cut is completely covered by the sink, so there is no risk of water damage. It is suitable for elegant suites and minimalist styles.


The sinking sink is connected to the sink as a whole. Water and spills can be wiped directly from the countertop into the sink.


The wall-mounted sink is directly fixed to the wall without sitting on the countertop. It looks streamlined and gives a minimalist feel to the room. It suits the style of small spaces.


The base under the sink is located between the bottom of the sink and the ground, hiding all the pipes between the two.


If you have limited space in your bathroom or attached bathroom, but you still want some washbasin cabinets under the sink to store, then you may need a half-in sink.


In addition, the sink also includes a flat-washing sink, a boat-type sink, an integrated sink and a countertop.


38-2-single hole bathroom faucet

In most cases, you only need to check the faucet and count the number of holes. The separate hot and cold handle means there are three holes in the sink. You need to measure the distance between the handles. A distance of 6 inches or greater means that you need at least an 8-inch faucet. If the measurement is less than 6 inches, you have three sizes of faucet to choose from, including the center group, the mini faucet, and the four-inch large bathroom faucet. All of the above applies to faucets that will use all three holes in the sink.


The existing single hole bathroom faucet may include a mounting plate or base around the faucet, and may hide holes that are not visible from the top. It is recommended that you use a flashlight and tape measure to carefully observe the bottom of the sink, count the number of holes and measure it.


If you cannot see or measure the hole from below, it is necessary to use some tools to remove the faucet. Look for two types of water inlets for hot water and cold water under the sink. The next step is to find the shut-off valve. There is no shut-off valve to shut off the main water supply. After stopping the water, turn on the faucet to drain the remaining water in the pipe.


38-3-hand shower tap

You use a basin wrench to remove the existing bathroom sink faucet, and then unscrew the nut that holds the water pipe in place. In this case, you have to unscrew two nuts. If you prepare a handle/a faucet configuration, just unscrew a nut.


Turn clockwise to make it tighter and counterclockwise to make it looser. Once you take the faucet out, count the holes and measure the distance between them.


If there is only one hole in the sink, the single lever bathroom faucet is very practical. If there are three holes, it is best to use a hot and cold water mixer for bathroom.


In addition, there are several styles of bathroom faucets that are very suitable, such as hand shower tap, floor mounted tap, spout reach bathroom faucet, bathroom faucet with soap dispenser, etc.


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