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Is the Pull-out Spray Kitchen Faucet the Ultimate Accessory?

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Many consumers are now beginning to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection when purchasing products, especially the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Some water-saving products are also more popular among consumers.


Let's take the faucet as an example. Many people like to start the faucet all the time when washing their faces and use running water to wash their faces instead of using a basin.


The faucet is a must in the daily life of the family, but the faucet in different areas should be different. Basin mixer tap is used more for daily freshening. The washing machine faucet is a faucet specially used with the washing machine. The bathroom shower faucet is used when taking a bath. Flexible kitchen tap is mostly used in the kitchen field. When we choose, we should pay attention to distinguishing the faucets used in different occasions. In this article we mainly discuss the faucet used in the kitchen.


34-1-Basin mixer tap

In fact, there are various types of faucets used in the kitchen, including kitchen sink faucet with sprayer, kitchen tap with pull out spray, touch sensor kitchen faucet, touchless water faucet, etc.


Personally, I am optimistic about the combination of pull out kitchen tap with some faucet accessories and technology. The status of pull-out kitchen faucets has not always been that prominent, but recently they have received a lot of attention.


Pull-out kitchen faucets generally have hoses extending outward about 500-600 mm. This type of faucet has a number of additional functions, which can freely switch between aerated water flow or spray function. It is very convenient to install a pull out kitchen faucet with sprayer in the kitchen. The pull-out faucet has a retractable hose connection inside, which is similar to a small shower, which is very convenient for washing and receiving water. And it can be rotated 360 degrees without dead angle, which is very user-friendly.


34-2-bathroom shower faucet

Advantages of Pull-out Kitchen Faucets


Free up valuable space


The pull-out kitchen sprinkler faucet saves valuable space around the sink. Compared with faucets such as the traditional swivel spout kitchen tap and single lever kitchen mixer tap, the pull-out kitchen faucet avoids the trouble of stuffing dishes and pans under the fixed faucet. Its height exceeds 300 mm and has a 360°C rotating water outlet.


Increase versatility


The pull-out hose can easily help you clean vegetables and utensils, and it is less likely to splash back. You can pull out the hose to fill the bucket on the ground or fill the sink with water.


34-3-swivel spout kitchen tap

Easy installation with tools


Installing this type of faucet is much easier than imagined. The attached installation tools and instructions will help you easily deal with some minor problems encountered during installation.


Can be installed on any sink or surface


The pull-out kitchen faucet can be installed on a variety of sinks and surfaces.


Use two sinks at once


The kitchen sink mixing faucet with pull-out sprayer is a foolproof guarantee for the countertop. The 360°C rotating water outlet exerts its excellent performance here.


Have many colors


Kitchen sink faucets with pull-out spray have a range of special finishes, including polished, brushed, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, tin, gold and black.

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