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Should you use a bathtub or shower for bathroom?

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With the improvement of people's quality of life and the pursuit of quality of life, many people think that having a big modern bathtub has a much higher happiness index than owning a modular shower unit. However, some people say that the bathtub is too wasteful of water and will occupy the bathroom area. These problems become difficult when decorating. Should we choose a shower or a bathtub? This article mainly analyzes the pros and cons of bathtubs and showers. In fact, both have their own characteristics, so it is important to choose according to actual conditions and needs.



Benefits of Bathtub


The freestanding bath tub is well divided into wet and dry areas, so that the ground will not get wet easily, thus reducing the degree of ground slippage.


Taking a bath is the best choice for relaxation and joy. If you add other substances to the water, you can lose weight while relieving stress, which is now a healthier way of keeping in shape.


Disadvantages of the Bathtub


The three disadvantages of bathing are a waste of water, difficulty in cleaning and long bath time. Especially you have to clean and disinfect the vertical bathtub or ceramic bathtub after every use, which is really troublesome. In addition, the bath time is too long and the water temperature is not well controlled, which may cause symptoms of dizziness and chest tightness.



The Benefits of Shower


The rainfall shower head can accommodate different age groups. If there are elderly or children in the family, taking a shower will make them more relaxed and happy. But it's best to install a folding chair to have a place to rest during the shower. The shower installation area is relatively small, which is a good choice for small-sized bathrooms. Compared with a bathtub, a portable hand shower saves more water. Turn it on when showering and turn it off when applying shower gel, which can save a lot of water.


Compared with the bathtub, the use of the shower head is more flexible, it is convenient to wash and occupies a small area, which is perfectly suitable for various toilets. As long as the water heater is strong, the bathwater is always hot and the water temperature is easy to control.


The cleaning of the hand shower for bathroom is much simpler than the mobile home tub. After showering, it is enough to simply clean the glass in the shower room. The shower room can also complete the dry and wet separation of the bathroom, which greatly reduces the possibility of falling due to slippery floors.


Disadvantages of Shower


The shower is a consumable item. After a few years, a series of problems such as rust and clogged nozzles will appear. Moreover, the skin after the shower is extremely dry and needs body lotion for maintenance. The hand shower for bath is suitable for showering, not for bathing and relaxing.


Whether your bathroom is suitable for a bathtub or a shower depends on the size of the bathroom, the number of people, and the amount of water used.

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