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Tips for Maintaining Bathroom Faucet

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If you've recently changed the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. You may like their luster and immaculatity. But it's very likely that they won't stay in this state for a long time, because the sinks in bathrooms and kitchens are often used, and the sink faucets come into contact with people's bathrooms and many other things every day, which means it's very difficult to keep them clean and well maintained. However, if you follow a regular cleaning plan and know how to maintain the faucet, it will be the key to keep the tap spout intact for the next few years. Here's how to properly maintain your kitchen and bathroom faucets and maintain their surface finish:


98.Maintaining Bathroom Faucet

Choose A Durable Option

First, in order to maintain your faucet for a longer time, you can choose better and more durable materials. If you haven't bought a new fixture yet. You can consider the matching sink system of brass faucet. I think you will like it. In this way, the faucet itself will be durable and can stand wear and tear. Because brass and bronze finishes are particularly durable.


Take Care During Installation

When you install a new faucet (or if you need to disassemble your faucet for maintenance or repair), please be as careful as possible. Because you use pliers, spanners or other tools on the surface of the faucet, it is also likely to cause scratches or dents. You must avoid using the piper's tweezers because they are easy to adhere to the finish and difficult to remove from the fixture.


Avold Harsh Cleaning Products

Regular cleaning of faucets is the key to maintaining surface finish, but rough cleaners and cleaning tools (such as cleaning pads or stainless steel sponge) will irreversibly damage it. Instead, you can wash it with a soft cloth and warm water mixed with a non abrasive hand or soap. In the bathroom, especially the tap will come into contact with irritant products such as toothpaste. If you often use hair dye and hair gel in the bathroom, you should wipe off the residue on the tap immediately after use. As time goes on, they are easy to leave stains or wear finishes.


98.Maintain Bathroom Faucet

Keep It Dry

You should also dry the faucets (including taps, drains and handles) immediately after using them. First, water stains are easy to show on the surface of the faucet, including polished brass, chrome and stainless steel. But on the other hand, if your water is high in minerals. If the water stays on the fixture for too long, sediment will form. Mineral deposits can cause discoloration of these faucets, which may require you to replace a new faucet system. This is not worth the loss, so please wipe the water on the surface of the tap immediately after you use it.


Apply Wax

Applying carnauba wax to faucets is a good way to protect them and maintain a long-term surface finish, as it helps prevent mineral deposits and other deposits. So, whether you have polished bronze kitchen faucets or more basic chrome faucets, you should use wax to maintain them, twice a year, to maintain them. If your faucet is deliberately made to look old and old, you should avoid using wax. So you don't use wax on your antique brass bathroom faucet to avoid damaging its texture.

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