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Tips on Installing a bathroom faucet

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Sometimes, the difficulty of installing a bathroom mixer tap partly depends on the type of bath mixer tap. But sometimes it depends on the time of installation. In a new building, when installing cabinets, sinks, and countertops, it is easiest to install the faucet, because you can usually complete most of the assembly work before installing the sink. But if you want to install a vessel sink faucet on an existing sink, this step is more difficult, because it will be more difficult to work under the existing sink or in the cabinet.


Next, we will introduce step by step how to install the bathroom basin faucet:


First, you need take out your new bathroom tap sets and check whether the necessary parts are ready. If any pre-assembly is required, follow the manufacturer's instructions now.


42-basin mixer waterfall tap

1. Clean the top of the sink surface. You need to install the rubber gasket on the part of the single basin taps, and then push the tail plate of the faucet through the mounting hole on the sink or counter. Screw the washer and mounting nut onto the tail plate. Then put the valve assembly into the hole and tighten it.


If your small waterfall tap does not have these rubber gaskets, you can seal the perimeter of the base with plumber's putty before you insert the part into the sink or countertop.


2. If you are installing a split waterfall wash basin tap, you firstly need to connect the valve to the faucet, then wrap the threaded end of the valve and the connector with a few turns of duct tape, and then tighten it. In addition to tightening by hand, you also need to tighten with an adjustable wrench.



3. Install the drainage pop-up frame. Because the ejection mechanism is an integral part of the sink drain tail plate, you need to remove the existing drain tail plate.


4. Push the lifting rod into the hole in the nozzle, and then attach it to the fulcrum rod with an extension rod and a spring clip. If necessary, adjust it so that the drain plug can be opened and closed correctly. Then you need to manually install the drain pipe and pop-up device, and connect the pop-up device to the lifting pole.



42-matt black wall mounted taps


5. Connect the flexible water supply pipe to the tail plate. Screw them on and turn the knurled nut clockwise. Tighten the nut with a wrench.



6. Place the assembled countertop and designer basin mixer taps with the right side up. Then connect the hot water supply pipe and cold water supply pipe of the basin mixer waterfall tap to the shut-off valve on the wall, and gently bend the hose as required. The next step is to turn the compression nut or flared fitting clockwise until the fingers are tight, and then tighten them with a wrench. In addition, you need to turn the valve handle counterclockwise to open and close the water at the valve. Then turn on the faucet and flush any debris in the faucet and the pipe.



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