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What Are Plumbing Fixtures of Bathrooms?

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The bathroom is also an important decoration place in home improvement. The renovated bathroom must be equipped with many necessary sanitary wares. This article mainly introduces four plumbing-fixtures and some suggestions on purchasing them.




Did you know that ordinary people spend nearly two hours a week sitting on the toilet? In a person's life, this is almost 100 days. Therefore, it is very important to take the time to consider what kind of toilet to install in the bathroom renovation. When buying a toilet, you have to consider its installation location, height, type, material, etc. Common toilets mainly include wall mounted toilets, dual flush toilets and porcelain toilets. In addition, some bathrooms are relatively small, and many people choose to install a chrome towel rail on the upper side of the toilet.


74.Plumbing Fixtures of Bathrooms.



A beautiful sink can provide a good dressing for your bathroom. However, choosing a suitable bathroom sink and faucet requires a little more effort. Not only should its style be considered, but the modern sink faucet should also match the space layout and your living habits.


Choosing the right bathroom sink and faucet for your new bathroom will make it easy to keep your hands clean. Find a sink that is large enough for you and your family so that everyone in your family can easily use it.


In fact, the surrounding space of the sink area has different configurations. You can set up a mirror cupboard where you can put toiletries above the sink. A countertop towel warmer can be installed on the side of the sink.


74.Plumbing Fixtures of Bathrooms



When choosing a small freestanding bathtub, you must first grasp the condition of the bathroom, including the size, layout, and size of the product. The choice of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom, and coordinated with other sanitary ware according to the layout. In addition, if there are elderly or children at home, it is best to choose a bathtub with lower sides or a built-in bathtub to facilitate their bathing. If it is an exclusive private bathtub, you can choose according to your height.


It is also important to understand the material of the product. The sheet is the most important part of the bathtub. When buying a bathtub, carefully observe the gloss, smoothness and thickness of the product sheet. Once the board has problems, the entire product may be scrapped. In addition, the tank is a material that directly touches the skin of the body during bathing, so pay special attention to the smoothness to avoid scratching the skin. First touch the cylinder with your hands to see if it is smooth, and take a closer look to see if there are particles.




Whether you decide to install a bathtub in a new bathroom, you should install a shower. It is very important to choose a high-quality shower faucet suitable for your own bathroom space and usage habits. The size of the shower faucet should be selected according to the size of the bathroom space in your home. This is not only related to visual effects, but also determines whether you can have ample shower space in the future. You can choose a shower faucet with a smooth tube body and surface plating.


In addition to the above-mentioned four kinds of necessary sanitary wares, bathroom decoration also needs many items. You can visit our website to learn more.

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