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What Are the Benefits of Touchless Faucets?

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Everyone is no stranger to touchless water faucet. We will see that many public places use this type of faucet. Many people will wonder what are the advantages of touchless sink faucet? Is touchless sink faucet really practical? Non-contact faucet is a commonly used faucet. It keeps the sink in the kitchen or bathroom cleaner and easier to use. This type of faucet does not require a touch handle or a rotating button, which will reduce the possibility of contact with bacteria and spread of bacteria. If you plan to install a brand new sink for the kitchen or bathroom of your new home, you might consider buying touchless wall mount faucet and touchless sensor tap.


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In fact, the touch faucet can help you better control the faucet. It mainly includes touch kitchen sink faucet and touch sensor faucet. If you want a clean sink, automatic water tap is a better choice for your kitchen or bathroom.


The non-contact faucet uses the principle of infrared reflection to automatically sense the flow of water and turn off the water. This can prevent the user from touching the faucet handle, thereby reducing the chance of cross infection of bacteria and viruses. Compared with traditional faucets, automatic kitchen faucet can automatically control the water output. In addition to effectively avoiding bacterial cross-infection, non-contact faucets have the following advantages.


The sensor faucet will save water intelligently. The motion sensor faucet controls the opening and closing by automatic induction. When the hand or water container is extended into the sensing range, the faucet will automatically discharge water, and the water will stop after leaving, which has a good water saving effect.


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The induction faucet can overtime protect. The automatic water shut-off function for overtime washing can avoid waste of water resources caused by foreign objects in the sensing range for a long time.


The induction faucet is convenient and hygienic. The water switch is completely automatically completed by the sensor, and human hands do not need to touch the faucet, effectively avoiding cross-infection of bacteria.


The sensor faucet is highly adaptable, and the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted according to different use environments.


The induction faucet is suitable for a variety of places. The induction faucet is suitable for hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of wasting water resources.


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The raging COVID-19 epidemic has created a strong demand for non-contact smart sensor faucet.


For children and the elderly, non-contact faucets are very convenient to use. They only need to wave their hands in front of the sensor to get water. They can also place the cup under the faucet or wave at the top to activate the sensor. The non-contact faucet has a variety of designs to choose from. Maintenance costs are also often lower. You can control the temperature and intensity of the water during use.


The hands-free faucet is only turned on when you need it, and it turns off automatically when the sink is used up. In the long run, non-contact faucets can save water and reduce electricity bills.

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