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What Are the Types of Pull-out Kitchen Faucets?

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We learned earlier that technically speaking, pull-out kitchen faucets and pull-down kitchen faucets are technically slightly different. In this article, we will learn more about the various types of pull-out kitchen faucets. A pull-out faucet may be more advantageous for shallow sinks because it has less splashback than a pull down kitchen tap. There are many options for pull-out kitchen faucets on the market today. Reading the following articles, you will learn about spring-type pull-out faucets, weighted pull-out faucets, and pull-out faucets with multiple spray functions. 


36-1-spring-loaded pull-out faucet

What are the different types of pull-out faucets? Several types are listed below.


1. Professional pull-out faucet


In terms of design and function, professional pull-out kitchen faucets tend to be modern but not limited to modern kitchens. A large Belfast sink and a large pull-out kitchen faucet will make life easier and more fun. The professional pull-out kitchen faucet has a pull-out spray function and a practical auxiliary rotating spout.


But this large faucet is not suitable for all kitchens. For example, it will be unsightly and unsuitable on smaller kitchen sinks. This can be difficult to install and cause the faucet to shake. It is recommended to install it on a granite or ceramic kitchen sink or a high-quality stainless steel sink.


2. Spring-loaded pull-out faucet


The spring-loaded pull-out faucet is more modern than the weighted pull-out kitchen faucet. The end of this faucet is a spring. The farther the hose of the spring faucet is pulled, the harder it is, and the more resistance you get from the spring. When in use, you must hold the pull-out spout, otherwise the spring will automatically spring back into the housing. In contrast, the weighted faucet is relatively fragile because it does not have an independent spring housing.


36-2-pull-out sprinkler faucet

3. Pull out spray taps


Sprinklers usually have multiple spray modes, such as normal aerated flow and shower spray. We can press the button on the pull-out accessory to make changes. The nozzle is easy to clean. The sprinkler head has a variety of shapes and sizes to adapt to different sizes of sinks. The pull-out sprinkler faucet has a variety of finishes, among which the black and chrome kitchen tap is the most eye-catching.


4. Pull out aerator taps


Compared with pull-out sprinkler faucets, faucets with pull-out aerators have only one flow rate, which does not reduce their practicality. This type of faucet is not suitable for removing stubborn stains. But it is very easy to wash fruits and vegetables, clean kitchen utensils or water green plants. The exposure device has a foam-type water flow, which has good water-saving performance. Pull-out aerator taps are usually very cheap.


36-3-pure copper faucets

5. Kitchen faucet with independent hand washing function


Some kitchen faucets are equipped with a separate soap dispenser. In fact, kitchen faucet with sprayer and soap dispenser is very common. The advantage is that it is convenient and practical.


The kitchen faucet has a series of elegant and very modern products. Faucets with different finishes will bring different visual experiences. The material of kitchen faucet is generally brass. However, due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not recommended. Excellent electroplating is not easy to rust and corrode the faucet. Faucets made of high-quality stainless steel are very important for drinking water in the kitchen.

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