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What Factors Do You Consider When Buying a Kitchen Faucet?

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Are you planning to dismantle the old kitchen sink and matching faucet in the near future? Nowadays, there are many styles of faucets, and many people will consider the choice of faucets from various aspects such as material, function and shape. The kitchen sink should match the best kitchen faucet. Here are a few well-received kitchen faucets to match with your beautiful kitchen sink.


It is understood that kitchen faucets are mainly divided into kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer, pull out kitchen faucet, motion sensor faucet and touch activated kitchen faucet. Each type of faucet has its advantages and disadvantages.


28-1-high-end pull down kitchen faucets

1. Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


Some high-end pull down kitchen faucets combine aesthetics with modern technology. What is unique about it? Generally speaking, this type of faucet has four different finishes. Each one leaves a lasting impression. Its docking spray makes it so unique. You can remove it like a hose to clean tableware and kitchenware. Some faucets have a touch function. You only need to touch any position on the water outlet to turn it on or off. The LED light indicates the temperature of the water, and you can monitor its temperature in real time. When the battery is low, then you have to start replacing it. All in all, this type of faucet has a gorgeous design for easy installation, a contact-clean nozzle, technical temperature measurement, and a magnetic base system to catch the nozzle. Relatively speaking, its price is also expensive.


28-2- single handle kitchen faucet

2. Single Lever Faucet


The single handle kitchen faucet has a single handle high arc. Most kitchens use single-handle faucets, which can adjust the amount and temperature of hot water with one hand. Many consumers pay more attention to its powerful cleaning technology, which makes it a high-quality kitchen faucet. In terms of operability, a 68-inch spray hose is perfect. The single-lever kitchen faucet has two spray modes. You can switch freely between a powerful flushing spray and a gentler stable water flow as needed.


In fact, a single lever kitchen tap with simple installation has many good design concepts and aesthetic styles. The stainless steel finish prevents fingerprints and water stains. The reflection system automatically keeps the hose in its original position. It is also expensive.


In contrast, the two handle kitchen faucet has a handle on the left and right sides, which can directly adjust the water volume and temperature. The two-handle faucet with side sprayer is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom with a great sense of design.


28-3- two handle kitchen faucet

3. Cheap Kitchen Faucet


American standards are one of the most affordable kitchen faucets. Generally speaking, cheap kitchen faucets must not have an extremely luxurious appearance. It often has classic styles, ordinary colors and simple techniques. For this reason, durable brass and metal faucets are ideal.


The drop-down spray can make working in the kitchen comfortable. At the same time, the adjustable spray mode with a pause function makes washing dishes fun. If you don't have enough budget, you may wish to consider this kind of affordable kitchen faucet. It is scratch-resistant, anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish, easy to install and easy to clean. However, the coverage of the hose is limited.


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