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What Is the Purpose of the Three Holes in the Sink?

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There are many styles of bathroom sinks in residences, and each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on factors such as your sense of style, budget, and how many toiletries you like to store on the counter. There can be many styles of sink designs in the bathroom. In many cases, it's just a matter of your favorite style and preferences. For example, a square sink often looks newer and provides a larger washing area. But others will want as much counter space as possible, so round and oval sinks are better choices for you.


39-1-round and oval sinks

Types of Sinks


The pedestal sink consists of a wall-mounted pool and a pedestal covered with water pipes. This is the most common type of bathroom sink. The surface of the pedestal sink is smooth, and the complex lines can also create the feeling of expanding the room. This type of sink is best placed in a small bathroom, powder room, guest bathroom or rustic bathroom. However, the small edges limit the placement of items such as soap or toothbrush holders.


The pipe part of the wall mounted sink is hidden behind the wall. Once you install a wall-mounted sink, your bathroom will not have enough storage space and counter space.


Countertop style sinks are the simplest type of installation. It is mainly divided into two categories, one is the integral countertop and the other is the embedded countertop.


Container sinks are usually available in three different materials: glass, metal, ceramics, and even petrified wood. They are most suitable for the main bathroom and powder room.


The sunken style sink is clean and modern. In addition, they free up available counter space, and because there are no extra edges, they can cause dirt to accumulate.


The double sink also makes good use of the space of the large bathroom and provides more counter space for other items. But they will reduce the total available space in the bathroom.


39-2-sunken style sink

The Role of the Three Holes in the Sink


In fact, the three holes on the sink are for bathroom sink faucets. This type of faucet includes but is not limited to single hole single handle bathroom faucet, two hole bathroom faucet, 3 hole bathroom faucet, etc.


No matter which sink you choose, it is helpful to understand the role of the three holes in the sink. The prerequisite for the use of bathroom sinks is to install drainage components first. Put in the drain flange first and then connect the tail pipe. The flange has a series of holes just below the lip. These are overflow holes. The overflow hole, as its name implies, is to drain the water out of the sink in time to avoid clogging the pipe. The sink is designed with double layers of porcelain, ceramic or other materials, which contains a passage from the overflow hole to the drain pipe. When the water level reaches the vessel sink with faucet hole, it will overflow into the channel and flow into the drain pipe.


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Imagine that the drain flange is a solid metal sheet with no holes, so the water will overflow to the floor. The drain flange has three or four large openings evenly distributed to allow water to flow out. When installing, you don't have to align the overflow hole on the flange with the overflow channel in the sink. The area around the drain in the sink is hollowed out, and the water flowing from the overflow hole of the sink will flow around the flange until the outlet is found.


Install the drain flange as follows: wrap the lower side of the lip with putty, put it into the opening of the sink, and then tighten the fixing nut from the bottom of the sink with adjustable joint pliers. The flange without the tail pipe must be tightened by hand and connected to the P-type trap. The lack of overflow holes in some sinks indicates that a drain flange with holes is not required.


All in all, the overflow hole on the sink has two functions. One is to prevent the sink from overflowing, and the other is to admit air into the drain to help the sink drain faster. In fact, the drain pipe of the sink is well ventilated, and slow drainage will not affect normal use.

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