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What are the common problems and solutions of bathroom?

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The bathroom is a damp and semi-enclosed space. If the layout before the decoration is not reasonable enough, you will encounter various common problems during the subsequent use.


The following summarizes a number of common problems and solutions for bathroom decoration. The owners will find out to solve these problems in a targeted manner.



Space Profile


The solution is spatial transformation. The inclined ceiling makes the bathroom space full of three-dimensionality, and the platform on the background wall provides storage space. The space layout of the small bathroom is very compact, and the white appearance enhances its brightness and weakens the sense of depression. The white narrow bathroom wall cabinet visually gives people a feeling of large space.


No Place to Put Debris


The solution lies in a reasonable storage design. The colorful storage cabinets provide storage space for bathroom products, and their rich colors echo the top background wall, beautifying the space and enliven the atmosphere. The bathroom can also be equipped with a wallmounted bathroom cabinet or a pedestal sink cabinet to store toiletries.


Space Partition


The solution lies mainly in the shower curtain partition. The shower curtain is used to separate the bathroom and toilet, which is low cost and easy to replace. A bathroom mirror cabinet with lights has two functions, which greatly saves space and cost.


The wet and dry separation toilet includes the separation of smart water closet and bathroom, separation of the shower area and toilet, and separation of shower area from toilet and basin sets. Once these areas are separated, it is easier to grasp and use in design.



The Ceiling Is Not in Harmony with the Whole


The ceiling design can properly solve this problem. The wooden suspended ceiling, the mirror background wall and the floor are connected to form a U-shaped space full of texture. The arc design of the corner makes space soft, round and dynamic. The floating marble sink is very light.


Inconsistent Color Matching of Bathroom Appliances


The modern creative walk-in bathtub is a good choice for a small bathroom. It is installed close to the wall to save space. The high bathtub periphery is safe and stable and effectively prevents water from overflowing. A seating platform is added inside, which is very intimate. The background wall decorated with square tiles is full of texture, creating a comfortable bathing space.


Toilet Space Is Not Suitable for Partition


Gradient partition helps to solve this problem. Use gradient to divide the bathroom and toilet. The shower room is partitioned by a glass exterior wall, and the wet and dry partition makes the bathroom space cleaner and tidy. The shower room has two types of shower heads, portable handheld shower head and overhead shower heads.


No Focus Wall


The solution lies in the background wall design. The walls and floors decorated with square tiles are full of three-dimensionality, and the uneven texture is more anti-skid and beautifies the space than smooth walls and floors. The wooden sink and wood bathroom vanity are generous and rustic, with metal hanging rods, hooks and faucets.


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