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What are the material of the bathtub?

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Family bathtubs are becoming more and more popular with many people. Everyone likes to take a hot bath and relax after a day’s work. But many people are not clear about the choice of family bathtubs. In fact, there are many types of bathtub styles, and each one has good characteristics. Do you know the materials for the freestanding tub? How should we choose a bathtub?


63.material of the bathtub


What are the materials for the bathtub?

1. Acrylic bathtub: The material used in the acrylic bathtub is a man-made organic material, which is characterized by richer shapes and lighter weight. Acrylic bathtub is one of the mainstream products on the market at present. It has the advantages of high surface finish, large modeling options, long service life, and moderate price. The disadvantage is that high-temperature resistance, poor pressure resistance, and quality Inferior acrylic bathtubs are prone to discoloration and scratches after a period of use.


2. Steel bathtub: The price of a steel bathtub is generally cheaper, and it has obvious advantages in high-temperature resistance and pressure resistance. The steel bathtub has a hard texture, so it also has a good performance in durability, and it is a kind of product with higher cost performance. However, the steel bathtub is the worst among these bathtubs in terms of heat preservation. Friends who like to take a long bath should choose carefully.


3. Wooden bathtub: A bathtub made of solid wood is called a wooden bathtub. This kind of bathtub has strong heat preservation and a relatively large tank, which allows our body to fully infiltrate the water. Although wooden bathtubs were produced earlier, they have only recently become popular. Good insulation, environmental protection and low prices are the biggest selling points of wooden bathtubs.

This type of bathtub always gives people a refreshing feeling. It is more convenient to clean and more natural and environmentally friendly. However, compared with other types of bathtubs, the shortcomings of wooden bathtubs that are easily deformed require more careful cleaning and maintenance every day.


63.material of the bathtub.

4. Cast iron bathtub: The cast iron bathtub has the characteristics of high surface finish, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high-temperature and high-pressure resistance and durability. The cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron. The surface of this bathtub is also covered with a layer of enamel, so the weight of this bathtub is relatively large.


The bathtub of this material is not easy to produce noise when it is used, and the procedure in the production process is more complicated, so the price of this kind of bathtub is relatively expensive. However, cast iron bathtubs also have the disadvantages of a relatively single shape and relatively heavyweight.


5. Ceramic bathtubThis type of bathtub is made of ceramics. The surface of the ceramic bathtub is very smooth and stylish, but it has two major defects: bulky and fragile. Nowadays, ceramic bathtubs have been gradually replaced by acrylic, cast iron bathtubs and steel bathtubs.



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