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What are the tips of choosing good toilet?

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The choice of toilet does not necessarily have to blindly pursue high-end and expensive ones. You must choose the one that suits your home. How to choose a good toilet? Today, we are here to talk to you about this issue, hoping to help more owners choose a good portable toilet, and not be fooled by the business.



65. bathroom hardware

Classification of toilets

In home furnishings, the general toilets can be divided into flushing, vortex, vortex siphon, jet, etc., but among these types of toilets, which one has the best sewage discharge effect?


The whirlpool siphon toilet, its flushing port is designed next to the bottom of the toilet. When we flush with the button, it will form a whirlpool along the wall of the pool, so it can increase the water flow to the pool wall and increase the siphon. The effective suction force allows the feces in the toilet to be discharged quickly.


The jet siphon toilet, its design is to add a jet auxiliary channel inside and at the bottom of the toilet, it will be aimed at the sewage outlet when working, and when we press the flush button, part of the water will flow from the water holes around the toilet. When it flows out, part of it is ejected from the jet port. This kind of toilet flushes the car with a larger flow of water on the basis of siphoning, which can quickly flush away the dirt.


Direct flush toilet, this kind of toilet uses the impulse of water flow to discharge the dirt, the steep water storage area of the pool wall is small, the hydraulic power is increased when the water power is concentrated, and the efficiency of flushing is also high.


65.good toilet


How to identify the quality of the bathroom toilet

1. Look inside: In order to save costs, many merchants will make internal adjustments to their products. For example, some reflux bends are not glazed, or are used with low elasticity and poor sealing. If you buy such a toilet, it will be easy to cause knots. Dirt blockage and water leakage. So when you buy, you should touch the toilet sewage port with your hands. If it is smooth, it is of good quality; and the greater the elasticity of the gasket, the better the sealing.


2. Observe the surface: The glaze and body of the high-quality toilet surface are very delicate, and there is no ripple, the color is also smooth, and there is no impurities. There will be no bumps or roughness when touched by hand, and the toilet pool wall is also very smooth. Delicate and very clean. The glaze and body of the medium or low grade are rough, the color is dark, the internal structure is not so smooth, and even cracks appear. This can be done by tapping the edge of the porcelain piece with a thin rod. If there is a crisp sound, it is good. Otherwise, the hoarse sound is cracked and should not be considered for purchase.



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