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What is a thermostatic shower valve?

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If you want to enjoy the best shower experience, then a thermostatic shower valve is the best choice. Compared to others such as exposed valve or concealed bath filler valve, it is one of the most reliable types of shower settings, and thermostatic valves provide precise control of temperature and flow. In addition, it also has a safety function to prevent burns, bringing more peace of mind to families with children or the elderly.


60-concealed electric shower

Types of thermostatic shower valves


Exposed valve

The exposed shower valve works on the outside of the wall. its price is cheaper than the hidden shower valve, and the installation cost is also cheaper.


Hidden valve

If you want a more sleek and low-key style, you can choose a quality concealed shower valve, such as Bomei's brass concealed shower valve. All work is hidden behind the board and installed flush to the wall, leaving only the control mechanism exposed.


Bar valve

It is located on the outside of the wall. It is easy to install and has the durability of brass. This valve has a chrome-plated surface, is easy to read, and easy to hold the flow and temperature control dial. It uses a single socket, and you can choose your own rail kit to match it.


60-concealed black shower


How does it work?


The thermostatic shower valve controls the mixing of hot and cold water and adjusts it according to the heat of the water itself to help maintain a stable temperature.


It mainly has 4 main elements:


Constant temperature element

This is an element inside the valve, which is very sensitive to the temperature of the water flowing through it. Its size will increase or decrease, and it is connected to the piston.



When the thermostatic element expands with the increase of heat, the piston will pass through the inlet of cold water and hot water, reducing the amount of hot water and increasing the amount of cold water, thereby helping to keep the temperature constant.



This part of the valve is completely opposite to the way the piston works. When the thermostatic element shrinks as the heat decreases, the return spring moves the piston back to the hot and cold water inlets, increasing the amount of hot water and reducing the amount of cold water, thereby keeping the overall water temperature constant.


Temperature control

Except for the outer shell, this is a part that you can see and control. Usually shaped like a dial, it allows you to increase or decrease the heat of water. This way you can manually move the piston to change the mixing ratio of the hot and cold water streams.


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