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What is the basic bathroom hardware?

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Do you know the bathroom hardware? Do you know what sanitary products we use in our life? You may not be very clear that the toilet furnishings are all carefully designed products.


1. Towel Rack Or Towel Bar

Hand towel warmer can be divided into single pole, double pole and so on. The single pole is usually installed beside the washing table to hang towel. If it is a double pole, the lower pole is usually used to hang towel, and the upper one is always used to put bath towel or clothes. Towel rack can place more things than towel bar. In addition to placing bath towel and clothes, it can also temporarily place bath liquid, shampoo and other items.




2. Hook

The hook used in bathroom is usually single hook, double hook or row hook, which is used to hang clothes or clean brush, bath ball and other cleaning tools.


3. Toilet Paper Holder

The paper towel rack design to consider whether it is convenient to use, because it is placed in the toilet, so also consider the issue of waterproof. And a good paper towel holder also has the function of placing things, which can let people place mobile phones, tablets and other devices.


4. Toilet Brush

As we all know, every toilet has a toilet smart seat, which is a necessity of life. At the same time, the purchase of the toilet also needs to clean its accessories, that is, the toilet brush. In order to put the toilet brush more beautiful, we can buy a toilet brush holder. But if the toilet brush rack is not sanitary on the ground, it is not easy to clean. Buy a wall mounted toilet brush holder, which is clean and beautiful.


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5. Shelf

The most common should be a relatively large shelf, can be installed next to the shower head riser to put shampoo, shower gel and so on. According to the location of the shelf, the shape is different, there are simple rectangle, tripod, can also be installed in the corner.


6. Make-up Mirror

Make up mirror is different from ordinary bathroom mirror, one side is ordinary mirror, the other side can be magnified to see clearly their pores. When girls make up in the bathroom, the mirror can be retracted, and it does not take up space.


7. Material Of Bathroom Hardware

General bathroom hardware hanging materials are aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel, copper, etc. In the purchase you need to pay attention to the bathroom is relatively wet, so choose stainless steel, preferably copper material, so it is not easy to rust.


There are many bathroom pendants on the market. You can consider these three aspects when purchasing:


The first is to meet the applicability, the second is to consider the firmness and durability of the pendant, and the third is to consider the style and style of the pendant. Many people buy back only to consider which space is more affluent to install where, until the use of it found inconvenient. So the installation position of bathroom pendant is also particular, through the usual behavior habits to comb the trend, reasonable installation of bathroom pendant. In consideration of the need to waterproof the bath towel rack to replace the laundry, the bath towel rack is generally installed on the other side of the hand-held shower to keep a certain distance from the shower to prevent the towel clothes from getting wet. The installation height is about 1.8 meters from the ground.


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