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What is the trend of faucet installation in 2021?

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We list the most popular faucet trends in 2020! There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable bathroom faucet, among which aesthetics is the most important. By 2020, you'll see more streamlined, symmetrical and eye-catching antique designs. Say goodbye to your plain chrome plated faucet and say hello to the more modern faucet. Read the following five faucet finishing trends to reshape the 2021 market.



1. Matte Black

Matte black has been entering large commercial spaces for years. Recently, with the rise of minimalism, interior designers have increasingly integrated matte black faucets into their homes. Most interior designers focus on the open space and create a clean and simple design with fewer accessories. What better way to create a simple but stylish bathroom than using a matte black bathroom taps. It also creates a sharp and complex look in your bathroom or kitchen. In order to create an elegant and avant-garde appearance, rural materials are introduced into the space. Choose leather or wooden stools for a fresh and unique look. Best of all, matte black water faucets are stain and stain resistant!



2. Elegant Gold

Stainless steel surface faucets and related accessories have gradually become history. It is being replaced by champagne bronze and elegant gold as a beautiful high-end look. Using a golden faucet will create a luxurious and upgraded kitchen or bathroom look. To pay homage to the modern style, choose brushed gold to hold the device and apply royal blue and soft white to finish the look. These colors match well and complement each other. The combination of white and gold makes the space bright and cheerful.


3. Warm Copper

Just like the gold decoration, warm copper is becoming popular, and all the top designers are eager to try it. Warm copper creates a historic statement through color and design. In order to get freshness, the retro style is integrated into the home and the natural elements are applied to the space. Combine the warm copper sink with a retro faucet for a flawless look. This finish and antique design is perfect for many color palettes. It provides a lasting warm touch to your kitchen and helps to attract eye-catching details such as an artwork.



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4. Beautiful Rose Gold

There is no limit to creativity. The designer recently showed a rose gold decorative surface. Rose gold is a new color, finding a balance between lustre and temptation, evoking warmth and brilliance. Its amazing color and elegant neutral tone give the product unique personality and bold appearance. This makes it the focus of any interior space. Including other rose gold fixtures and accessories, such as handles and towel rails in the bathroom or kitchen, all present a modern and beautiful look.


5. Classic Nickel

The most classic trend is to provide the best features and cool design. Even with simple silver lampshade and soft metal tone, the classic nickel faucet can still win people's hearts. Its timeless and versatile design can be used in a dark or light bathroom style. Nickel has a lasting polishing effect and can be polished. The classic nickel look adds character while keeping the space simple and clean. So it would be nice to use a typical color scheme, which is why classic nickel is one of the most popular faucet color trends in 2021.


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