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What items should be decorated to your bathroom?

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Many things that were initially looked down upon during the decoration, once purchased, can greatly enhance the happiness of home life.


Bathroom Cabinet


In addition to considering the size, style and color of the bathroom vanity cabinet, the following factors should be considered, such as moisture-proof, waterproof and mothproof. Therefore, the quality of the material directly affects the quality of the product, it is best to use moisture-proof materials, such as 304 stainless steel bathroom cabinet and waterproof oak bathroom vanity unit.


Specific attention should be paid to:


Bathroom cabinets should be wall-mounted, with higher legs or with wheels, which can effectively isolate the intrusion of ground moisture on the cabinet. The common styles mainly include hanging bathroom cabinet and recessed mirror cabinet.


It is necessary to know whether all metal parts are made of moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum products for bathroom cabinets, so that they have a strong resistance to moisture erosion.


Before buying, check the opening of the bathroom wall cabinet hinge. The more precise the hinge is, the tighter the cabinet door will be closed, and the less likely it will be for the dust to enter.


The bathroom drawer cabinet is very convenient for small clutter.


When choosing a bathroom cabinet style, pay attention to whether the maintenance of the water pipe and the opening of the valve are guaranteed.


When installing the bathroom cabinet, be careful not to damage the inlet and outlet pipes, otherwise, the cabinet will be soaked by water leakage during use.


77.stainless steel bathroom cabinet

Bathroom Bathtub


Judge whether it is good or bad by looking at the surface gloss of the bathtub, which is suitable for any kind of bathtub. It is understood that common bathtubs generally include porcelain bathtub, cast iron freestanding tub, wooden tub bathtub and acrylic bathtub. The quality of bathtubs of different materials is also very different.


When purchasing the soaking tub with shower, you can judge the quality of the bathtub by pressing it with your hands or stepping on it with your feet. A bathtub with exquisite craftsmanship generally does not show flaws such as cracks, scratches, and spots. Determine the size and shape of the bathtub according to the area and shape of the bathroom. The bottom of the bathtub should have anti-skid treatment, which is very important for safety in use and cannot be ignored.


77.bathroom wall cabinet hinge



Generally speaking, from the surface of the rain shower head, bright and delicate means that the coating process is handled well. High-quality showers generally use all-copper tubes. The copper tube has a crisp sound while the cast iron tube has a low and dull sound. The high-quality shower switch valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness after a special process.


When purchasing a shower, measure the distance between the shower and the ground and the height of the water inlet and outlet from the ground during hydropower construction. In addition, the shape of the section of water pipe connected to the top of the shower head is various, and the height of the bathroom ceiling should be considered when choosing.


Large shower heads on the market are generally a large disc. There are also some styles that are designed to diverge from a point in the middle, and the water pressure on each small pipe has many small holes. Some are also designed to rotate. However, if the water pressure in the home is low, the divergent shower head will have difficulty evenly emitting water.


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